Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Wet Wednesday...

Wet Wednesday...

Not the best of days,
today I was way late,
as I could not skate,
I have no need
to get a bus,
plus I don't mind
being like an oyster wet
without using the card,
rather ride my deck
than a double deck,
but the rain was coming hard.

Dry stop,
one of my younger students
has a question
of spiritual concern,
he admits he does not
want to speak
these problems,
I say it's healthy
together we shall learn,
what you speak
I am still living,
the answer will be given
in it's karmic turn,
you can live your life
without the physical fight,
I will be your light until
the day yours shines firm.

I care for the young ones,
more than I should,
no... it's encoded,
I was sent,
I am seen and heard,
on a scene... but no herd,
to express changing word,
with this changing weather
London youth are constantly
taking each other down,
I only imagine what they could
do if the stand together;

Not in a GANG
but you can be great
have the power to change
the state, do not let any teacher,
determine your life with a black
and white grey grade,
you are colourful,
so be bright as the day,
not night stalkers,
causing grief and grievance
around your estate,
this line was inspired
by my children,
for that were going
to have Wii U play,
we play more than games,
but its ok to lack of sun-ray.

Funny I am surrounded
by young minds,
from 3 to 23,
I want them to be free,
not remain trap behind city lines,
I want to hear it's their world
in their space on Big Ben's chimes.

Today I went home
listened to Alan Watts
whilst I wash pots
my daughter
wipes the sides
my son seasons,
his choice like the season,
it's summer with heavy rain,
so it doesn't have
to be done properly.

I reflect about the week I had,
motivating friends and family,
like inside out I feel sad,
but outside in I smile,
too many people are mad;

Mad in the sense I am crazy,
Mad because she has a baby,
Mad because you want to be his lady,
Mad because she's going out,
Mad because you're never about,
Mad at who gets the children,
getting them
Mad through your daily bout...

Allow me to introduce my night,
I am getting in a bath
full of honey and burning
an incense that smells like pine,
take time to read
catch up with my mind,
I feel like I have carried
a mountain this week,
not yet at the peak,
I will set up camp,
wait for the sun
continue my climb
toward heavens sunshine.

Under the skies
I wallow on my cries,
I ask...
rain wash away my woes
from my head to my toes,
 I full to my knees in puddles,
fist in the air reciting prose,
telling the divine all I propose,
let it rain on the concrete,
like 2pac let me blossom a rose,
let me be a star that shines
in your cosmos.

Today I was Neo in the rain,
among agents like agent smith,
he multiplies in multiple status
in this matrix,
from the police forces,
to the street kids,
to those in the middle
lost in the mix,
I do not battle with nature,
but am at war with those who
do unnatural things on this planet,
a thousand stings,
I must rest in my nest,
signing off your
poetic yellow jacket.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Body Expense

What have I done,
how am I going to
tell my girlfriend,
I spent £90 on my body,
It is said spending on health is
daylight robbery,
but spending time in daylight
overeating is just straight
daylight slobbery.

I mean she can benefit too,
I have spent the last of our
pay cheque and some of
these pills relives stress,
Passion flower helps you sleep
more than that hour,
mixed with Valerian root
man that's a lot of dream power.

Baptized in royal jelly,
the name of my track,
humble bumblebee,
Not the ones on the attack,
Natures mother
in the form of body butter
made from the queen,
her golden wax.

I brought them essential oils,
most just want that sunflower,
chips of roses,
bring her a bucket of KFC
and Hennessy,
don't come with that
clary sage, oh so sweet,
No horny goat weed,
just hormones that get
you horny via that meat,
I call it sex and grease.

Why did I have
to by all them pills?
1. I paid all my bills,
2. I must digestive multiple vitamins,
it's a fast life you know the deal,
fast intake, not constant takeout meals.
3. Free my body from free radicals.

Spend on defense,
Get fat and attacked...
Wait that's harsh,
even the skinny man is at harm,
Fats don't discriminate,
bad food is bad food regardless
of your weight,
the way you eat decided your fate.

£90 though...
theirs 4 in my family,
that's not so much,
salt for my daughters skin,
remedies for my teenage son,
who is a introvert,
don't talk,
I know the path you walk,
I will buy to set example,
take care of your body,
as you only got one.

I know my lady won't be mad,
when she gets paid,
instant tag,
just word poking,
like a Facebook friend,
I face look friend
and I can't pretend;

your lifestyle isn't
destroying you,
if I die it will be
broccoli stalk choking,
veggie for life
I eat to live
not anything death
to die.

But £90,
you know what they say,
health is wealth,
I go to my local market
or whole foods,
if I was rich,
by the whole shelf,
higher the price,
closer to heaven,
either that or put
my body through hell.

"Health talk,
take a healthy walk,
not just to the
kitchen for pork
on the devils fork,
Health talk,
just take a walk,
in natures path,
pick fruit from her trees,
trees are life and their
offerings will help you last"

Friday, 28 July 2017

Rambled Rant

London is a dungeon,
U.S is a mess,
Middle East is a victim
to the western beast,
people are war driven,
why earth finds it hard
to know peace.

What is the world?
I don't know,
but it seems
it's hard to trust,
celebrities, politicians,
the system,
from the corrupt police
to the judge.

We vote expecting hope,
In God faith tends
to be misplaced,
as most still argue
the colour of his face,
if the creator is anything,
he is a rainbow in space,
dare you challenge
him about race...
expect to get
rejected from
heavens gate.

It's a strange time
when I write this rhyme,
acid attacks,
scooter stick ups,
are now the dominant crime,
no surprise...
jobs that have prospects
are hard to find,
you can ask
university graduates
who took that mountain
still find it hard to climb.

There is a community
who claims
to be conscious,
they have
enough intelligence
to speak in
the halls of oxford,
but would rather
call each other out
on a couch,
back to back debate,
instead of together
moving forward.

What to like?
A one sentence
Facebook status,
photos of a
mothers cleavage,
in the same picture
it's clear you
see her kids,
she's already got two,
don't make a
third bastard,
because you want
to be a bitch;

Needy for a bone,
after that,
you care less
if he buries
your heart
in a ditch,
too only dig it
back up
when he wants to
satisfy his itch.

super gonorrhea
is on the attack,
like the killer tomatoes,
teens be aware
don't get SPLAT...

The heart is
under pressure,
with U.K as
the biggest measure,
overall it's Europe's
biggest killer,
the heart beats hard
on the chest
like a gorilla,
"free me from your
glutton and greed 
you over
indulging sinner"

I pray for the children,
but the internet
has predators
who prey
on the children,
protected by people
in power,
Pedophiles protected
under mental health
on earth,
but in the there after
they will feel
the devils fire shower.

Someone ask me
am I afraid to die?
My reply...
"I am yet to live,
unleash my gift before
the day I rise"
What of you I ask,
they said,
"I feel like I'm part of
the walking dead,
my routine is zombified,
A resident among evil,
drug dealers,
women beaters,
Who are disguised
in suits and ties"

To sum up,
I love this planet,
hate the country,
I meet beautiful people,
but the owner is ugly,
bees come unto me
Bathe my life with honey.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

32 Feeling New (2.7..7..1...7)

3 + 2 is 5,
What I would
do to go
back to that age,
Lego building,
paper sword yielding,
Mario fits because
I cannot get to
the next stage.

32 and slowly
becoming new,
my body stays
the same,
but in wisdom
I have grew,
I will not live
this year in
deja vu;

Habits tend
to keep one in loops,
keeping time confused
as you look older due
to indulgence of a
bad diet,

I have become more
observant of my body,
I have seen
my elders wither,
due to the daily
choices they made for

My table will be full
of healthy snacks,
nuts, dates...
no cup cakes,
my guests,
I apologies
for my lack
of sugar
side fats.

Birthday on a weekday,
most will have weak play,
Job before fun,
"Why so serious"
come join me
have some
laughter and rum.

32 years on this planet,
I am thankful
for what she has
help me manage,
Gaia, mama...
you keep me calm,
Juniper in my palm,
Lavender Lavish,
if you can hear me
I will do my best
to reverse this damage,
my children have
already started,
earth is our home,
why I don't let them
take advantage.

The fact I have to work
on my day of earths entry,
I was born 2am,
but this day
I am not free,
but I finish
at the hour of 3,
Straight to Mimi,
to celebrate with
my immediate family;

The on that I created,
not the one
that made me,
feel like
I was not wanted,
no blame ma...
you had P.N.D,
born the same day
as my father,
happy birthday Dad,
I can't stay mad,
I stay glad,
I have a powerful
family tree.

"Happy birthday to me,
Next year I'm 33,
no I don't have a degree,
6 is know as love energy,
may it unlock the
hearts padlock
with a hand as the key"

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Walk With Me... Well Poetically.

Hornets Journal,
July 19th 2017 

It's a stormy night,
I am next to a snoring midwife,
I dare not get angry
as this is her life,
I am distracted from
the blue flashes of the sky, 
having earthly thoughts like,
let me fight for her, 
I will be her sacrifice,
her gate keeper,
let me be earths scythe,
be the death
of these bad guys.

I awake in a
groggy state,
no work it looks
like fathers play;

I hear birthday
song sounds,
grandmothers are
the last day pick up, 
they discuss
their handiness,
my daughter grandma
is there too she's in sight,
but I am out of view,
One of  the elderly
is my muse...
she offers health,
a plum, grandson
discards it, eating sweets,
she calls him to go
he looks and
then makes a run;

Run from health they do,
not the fault of the child,
sweets pacify
that sugar cry,
I know my generation
does not try,
Like all generations,
will only change
when someone
close has flied
to the sky.

I go to get my coffee,
my daughter forgets her lunch,
I vent frustration on her,
not her fault,
to her I am sorry,
I know she forgives me,
she can tell by my
skate movement
I am still groggy
as she saw my
cereal get soggy.

My day consist
of promoting
in new ways,
it seems poetry has
become water
I am the wave.

I am not at work;
But I still work,
lifting bags of earth
for my children's mimi,
she insist she pay,
I say no,
she said take it anyway...
it will go back to her daughter,
I'll take her on a mini date.

It was a cool morning
as I see my neighbor,
we discuss all of now,
not what we're
going to do later,
we go shopping,
he bikes back
me on my board,
by nature
I'm a skater.

Back at home...
no work means
I got to work on me,
so I get in the
promoting zone;

keyword... HEALTH,
food and sex,
the things people
question and ignore,
until they no longer
feel pure, but poor,
why I'm here
to keep it raw,
diet or write,
it's my advice against
those with a unhealthy cause...

I realize all
what I challenge,
fights me back,
my girlfriends best friend
has pharmaceutical pills,
I say I will attempt
to eradicate it
with s few
plant based meals;

The day before my cousin
discusses change of habits,
together we're going better
our bodies palace,
but she's half way their,
with motivation
we will make all clear.

All clear is what
I want to hear,
not I have something
that can't disappear,
at least let's reverse
the western meal curse
so you can extend your years
not induce more fears... 

Today was no cliche,
just a personal one to myself
and my daughters play,
which they cancelled
at the last minute,
what a gimmick,
I saw her practice,
she shows drive
that brings me happiness,
now to run a bath
line up my chakras axis.