Sunday, 14 August 2016

Poetic Vowes Hornet Howls

Wedding day,
let me start early,
because I don't
want to be late,
wait... it is also two
of my children
from works leaving day.

I kept a promise to my
two ninjas, I wanted to
see them and give them
some last minute wisdom,
share a croissant
some Fuji water
telling them their future vision,
simultaneously one of my managers
are helping me print my tickets
and poetic speech for the wedding mission.

After goodbyes without any cries,
as the child told me,
"I will see you, although
I'm going, my little brother
is staying"
they gave me a hug,
so my day already
started with love.

I leave the building
to go and print the gift,
it's only 10am,
I got time to print this rhyme,
I couldn't, but my girlfriend
sends the P.D.F,
Pretty Damn Fast...
her speed to my lack of organisation,
makes the day light 
before this joyous occasion.

Printing done,
I have time to have fun,
drop the bike back to my mum,
thank my little brother for that,
he made the day have even more sun,
without that bike
that morning could have been long.

So I skate forward,
feeling good,
by myself a drink,
sit in the park and read
what I wrote,
as I read it I smile
say I am proud of my bro,
now let me go... back... I left
my gift the shop,
that's twice I forgot,
my phone was earlier,
absent minded omen is
on me, I better be careful
of such before something gets lost...


Fast Forward;
On the way to the wedding
I just made it on time,
to the train station
not church destination,
I'm telling myself we are late,
my girlfriend keeps the positive vibration,
thank god she did;

We get back on the train
I see a mutual friend,
I did not know we were
on the same carriage...

Long story short,
he put a smile on my face,
I'm Like hey together we can be late,
he guides us to the church
and in the timing of god,
made it before they shut the gate;

I wanted to scream Hallelujah,
throw myself to the floor
in front of the church floor,
but instead I act cool,
sneak the back, sit down
like I was there way before.

A beautiful reception,
A beautiful Sermon,
beautiful guests,
watching two beautiful persons.

The rings exchange,
they celebrate down the isle
with a dance train,
the happiness is clear in his face.

Family and friends
photos being taken,
 with the dashing bride
her groom
next destination
was the reception;

unsure of how to get there
we hitchhike a calm ride
with the humble Saudi
expressing how back home
the roads are treacherous
so bad there are 9 year olds
behind the wheel,
as we're talking of children,
realize we have one of each,
expressing as fathers how we feel.

Destination made...

In a primary school playground
feeling like a kid again,
reminiscing by the school fountain;

I see an open toilet
free myself from
the tight wedding attire
expressing my freedom wearing
 yellow shorts
the grooms
favorite rapper... Tupac...
an artist we both desired.

Wedding bouncer kept calling
me my girls name
her mine,
We get in and leave,
waiting for the groom 
the bride,
wedding vibes 
are still on a high...

So I thought...
The Security guard 
who was the joker,
got serious,
told me my clothes
don't match the
reception service,
I was already in,
man... He let me in,
the situation was confusing...
but today is my 
brothers wedding day,
for him 
I am not losing;

So I re change,
go back to Clark Kent,
just so I can finish the event,
I could have been superman drunk,
but I would rather be a super friend.

Finally I made it in,
in time for most 
of the speeches,
I see a friend,
who don't see me,
it's like we are playing 
hide and seek;
He finally sees,
he walks over in his
hip hop physique,
the way our hands clap,
is like thunder,
re kindling old school energy,
but why God, why God,
did it have to be 
whilst the best man speaks?
Word to his Chrome heart,
why he was the best man for my G.

After the ceremony
the first dance,
I look across the room
my brother looks like a star,
again... may you lot 
last until the end,
 see you after the honey moon,
in your new beginning.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Hornet 31 - Jaden 13

A party with me,
no age limit,
children to adults,
we gonna share the energy.

There's a gamer van,
I don't want to walk in there,
they are but children
I know 
I would be the man...

So I thought, 
it was the last call,
but the game was not duty,
smash brothers,
final fight
I know he is not worthy,
until I saw the sign GAME,
the player was my son,
I felt proud of him,
with personal bitter shame.

The Guy and I banter about the retro,
streets of rage, sonic and Mario,
Sega, P.S.1 and generally Nintendo,
no time to update on Pokemon go...

So I go and see my daughter all alone,
I am not that type of parent
to give her a tablet or phone,
but I saw her with a ball
said come let's roll,
more like kick,
even got my friends 3 year old kid,
we started a passing game,
which eventually lead to catching,
attention span got low
so the game became lame.

The current party,
is My 13 year old godson,
not seen him for awhile,
Missed out on most his fun;

But as I'm here,
I'm still going to have fun,
I speak to a child, 
she was one of the young,
4 but sounds like she's got a 
6 year old tongue.

First interaction,
She drops a wing on the floor,
I say
"Don't eat that have mine 
I'm a vegetarian"
She says no with her face,
in my mind I congratulate,
as taking from strangers 
is a no no,
even if one comes 
across benevolent.

She starts off asking me
to help her with a party popper,
not that type...
remember she's a year from five,
I help here with one
the rest she bites with excite.

She then ask for some
help with the balloon,
I take it down from the ceiling,
she saw a story,
telling me she was jack
she had the bean,
I was the giant meant to be asleep,
then it went from the story
to asking me 
about her favorite color pink;

So we google it together,
means all sorts of things,
key words:
unconditional love
represents a good nurturer,
depending on the wearer.

Eventually she becomes
board of me,
hence why I wrote this poetry,
Subject matter inspired from a young
up and coming young lady,
I thank you,
young inspiration,
young muse
a humorous soul to be.

"The situation is not as you may want it,
like Darwin I am adaptive,
for children I am naturally reactive,
some parties I am mellow,
other parties, the performer,
this one I was virtually interactive,
as well as randomly creative,
today young souls you were my music"

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Nice Guy Finish... This poem

I'm Such a nice guy,
not because I have to be,
but it's better to be kind,
but it's just as easy to be cruel,
especially when you are getting
tested by constant daily fools.

I'm such a nice guy
that I would help a fly,
I may free it from it's web,
pro long it's life,
hoping it don't get caught twice.

I am benevolent enough
to give my last piece of money
to someone who is homeless,
it's not about the karmic gesture,
it's because kindness
is part of my powers.

What's the price of being nice,
kindness is taken for weakness,
If you're unkind, I will just move
you to my lousy list, 
to keep you around my life 
may decrease my happiness,
nice people have no time 
for such repulsiveness.

I am so gracious,
I help elderly women
carry their rice,
teach young boys football,
young girls how to
choose the right guy.

I am so nice,
mean want's to be my friend,
I am that nice,
I might even invite mean in,
chill and play games.

Being nice is not a job,
being nice don't require a boss,
being nice is not part time,
but full time,
don't just be nice on a day off.

I'm so amiable,
you can trust me with your spouse,
you won't smell me in your bedroom,
catch me where you left me,
Playstation 3 and your couch,
some friends you just can't leave
him, her and the house,
you can leave me without doubt,
because kindness is all I am about.

Funny when a nice guy is angry,
and when he discards you,
you come back to tell
him that he's rude,
because he said
"Please leave me alone"
in a civil tone,
but took it as attitude.

Being nice has its reverse,
you become so nice
people test you and you may get cursed,
I got so good at being nice,
that know one could make me feel worse,
it's better just to say nice things,
let someone know their worth.

I am nice in these war times,
Oh how hard it is to be nice
when witnessing heinous crimes,
wishing I could absorb all their hate,
reverse it on the heads of state,
I'm so nice, 
I could only write,
hell is where they will be,
I think I will stay nice,
the only way to heavens gate.

"It is said nice guys finish last,
but that's because 
horrible people are seen first,
I've been nice most of my life
when you're nice 
through your daily living,
inevitably you become
number one in other peoples life,
never to remember you're last,
all because you remained polite"

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Peace Earth, A War Conflicted A Turf

Current Time,

I am looking for peace,
for those in the west and the east,
but it seems like it is not a time
for a peace speech,
If you make a speech of peace,
then you're just another meek;

I have shown patience,
people have humiliated me,
in that case god,
give me earth
so I can set her free,
as she is but a victim
to mans technologies and ideologies.

Putin Poetry,
through my rhymes,
many lines,
I tried to warn my people
in the west,
but they seem at peace
with these problems,
because nothing has happen yet,
we spend money like it's water,
knowing our economy is in a drought,
especially the U.K and U.S,
so peace for these countries will not be next.

Peace warns those in the west
who are black and white,
your civil disputes will eventually
kill you both off, if you do not
put your differences aside,
if a truce is not soon met with them,
by the whims of war,
will both just die.

Peace seems to be easier
to find in death,
I say that to say this,
How many wake up out of bed
to hear another is dead?
such thoughts disturb your peace,
as all you hear is death from battles,
civil wars, all sorts of bloodshed.

The word peace will only be a word
as long as war is active,
seems anyone can write a peace speech,
but in littoral peace seems to be placid;

How to except an
up rise from men who are limp,
peace they could sweet talk all they want
but will never get it in,
peace waits for the right person like a virgin,
but most want war whores who promise perversion.

It seems we have to pay for peace,
I mean we pay for warfare,
peace will have to be paid in blood
for our children to get a share,
I would die for peace
that's how much I care,
rather than live through continuous battles,
making you not want to be here.

But I am here
yes I am happy,
you could say I have harmony,
I am a peace keeper in my provenance,
call me the London bob Marley;

I could sing
"One Love"
get shot by many haters,
I could scream
"Equal rights and justice"
be martyred by police
race baiters...

These songs I will not sing,
as much as I love Bob Marley,
but at this time of write I have 
the mind of Malcolm X who said 
"It's time to stop singing and start swinging"

Peace needs to be stood up for,
peace is the excuse of many to go to,
but also a reason for us to go to war,
peace is now advertising a poster saying
"Your Earth Needs You"
so are you going to join?
because she really needs
you to fight for her core.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Are you afraid of the dark...

Most people are
afraid of the dark,
but soon their prejudice
will come to light;

In front of their god
will be asked,
why did you
be little a fellow race?

What are you gonna say?
because I don't like the
colour of their face,
make a joke like
these people loved
getting a police chase,
eyes were not blue,
so I sprayed it with mace.
Whatever your reply,
you will be instantly
denied from his grace.

Black is now an act,
no longer a backward cap,
just a catchy attitude
learned via non sense rap,
but it don't make sense to charge
a people who built
your stolen land tax;

Seems like I'm to light 
to spit black facts,
being light in this time
is conflicting,
darker men with
words of light
hate my skin,
still programmed
with the lynch system,
dark against light,
dude wrote this over
400 years ago,
and here you go...
in the now,
we still fight.

Are you afraid of the dark?
do you walk down the alley,
behind each dumpster is
a hungry corpse,
eating nibbles left on a
chickens corpse,
you don't imagine that when 
you're sipping wine
playing Polo on your horse.

Got our children working
in the buildings their
ancestors built,
getting paid asbestos,
we buy that poison
after work indulging in guilt.

Hey you...
The one who follows
the views on the news,
when understanding
black issues,
make no points,
just point and say
"all they do is rob people
and pass joints, in the prison
system, they have the highest points"

What are you really afraid of
Mr cop?
Na you get naked
let's see whose gun
is really bigger,
one reason why you wanna
intimidate and kill a nigga,
so you can go home
with more balls,
but stick to the facts
in the bedroom,
most know what race
is the winner...

But beyond the bedroom,
there is a place called heaven,
I have no army, no guns, so this
poem is my weapon,
I write this with good intention,
but such a continuum subject,
I do prey it get's kicked
to another dimension,
not for me...
but the rest who hide it
still show it in their 
physical presence.

This is a poetic statement,
race is not a concern of mine,
mixed, so I live mine,
I will fight for no side,
only the earth cleaners
if race is still alive 
in my babies time,
then it shows humanities 
non evolution,
so heavens gate they will be
locked for those who
locked away the brothers
that were forced to do crime,
in death I will understand 
why I wrote this
poetic rhyme.

"If there was no word for race,
nor discussion of such,
let's assume we would go
around straight killing each other,
until there is no one left,
if there is one of each race 
left over... I ask...
would you then give a fuck,
reproduce and have sex?"

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Poetic Detox, No Cost

What a morning,
was it from last night,
first time in a long time
I over indulged,
this rarely happens,
I am a lunch cover 
who missed breakfast 
so had a huge appetite
for a small guy.

Left over Stroganoff,
girlfriends eating out,
so I add pasta 
for 3 in a pot,
just in case I want 
a second mouth,
I have one, 
full asleep,
wake up 
finish the next two,
got a message from wifey
"any more food?"

I got the message as
I finished my last spoon
and she walks in the room,
Classic scenario of
"I just got your message"
but I was so tired to explain,
so I said 
"I will order you a Pizza"

A birthday supper
sweet gesture,
told her get me one...
GREED is kicking in,
I hardly eat like that,
now I feel like a sinner
having a fourth dinner.

Let me explain,
I am of a standard
weight for my height,
dominantly a adaptive
vegetarian diet,
but my body eats more
sub vitamins in a week,
than others can do in a month,
not to boast about my
personal health,
half these food 
I do not like,
but it's not about me,
it's about my body
I want it to sustain life,
I am that type of guy.

So back to morning,
where I am yawning,
but my stomach is fighting
from over indulging,
I wanna hold my girl,
but my bowels I'm holding,
Having delirium thoughts like,
"That's what it feels like to be Italian"

Food will make you think strange,
in these times food
makes your body change,
why once I saw it as a resource,
now I see it as research,
food is no longer the same,
I'm not trying to impose
my beliefs,
just think for your body,
because for your body
this is not a game;

Some foods play games
with your body,
milk was my main enemy,
got me scratching,
going toilet,
mad chemical reaction,
felt like nuclear reactor,
my stomach would impload,
then BOOM...
out my A...
I will not make that word whole;

in other words I did not feel whole,
as it effected different parts,
so eventually I got older 
more body smarts,
feeding each organ became vital,
especially the two most valuable,
my brain and my two hearts,

What do you mean Hornet? 
"two hearts"

first heart to me 
being my soul,
food without soul 
is it's preference,
but this poem is not about
dietary comparisons,
my body was built 
out of compassion,
blame god for some of my thoughts,
allowing my eyes to 
speak this information,
I just want you to 
avoid inflammation,
forms of cancers,
all them new age poisons,
to them,
we are a curse 
on this earth
why they feed us turd,

I have learned to fast in many ways,
1 way juice, bladder more the bowels,
no need for tissue, leaves or hand towels,
maybe just raw, nuts for bones, teeth
and it works like a relief,
even a week of eating greens and leafs,
make a difference for sufficient living,
I wanna see all my people last long,
long life, earth shelf,
I love my friends and Family
let me just keep it real.

I write this as I am in my
last cycle of digestion,
you need not medicine,
just a light diet for your stomach,
please stop feeding it weapons,
but give your stomach a break
with healthy intentions.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Refer-run away from-them

U.K wanna separate from the E.U,
Britain the biggest separators,
Britain the en-slavers,
They enslave us;

Us could be U.S
they even have a hand in their set,
until they "claimed" independence,
Britain has always
been separate,
fuck a patriot,
he knows none
of his history,
just happy
he's on the winning side,
but it's all a political ride
that ride is boring,
Got most people snoring.

What is this separation?
I may not be up to date
but what's the difference,
I write with
Bob Marley deliverance,
are we not one nation?

One love...
One people...
Earth is our home
let's keep it real...

This has no sense,
it's nonsense,
coming from a country
who broke
half the world
into fractions,
based on such
ignorant actions.

Europe is Europe,
Britain is Britain,
they're all but conquering nations,
France, Italy, Spain,
whoever owns plantations,
in time of war,
it makes no difference,
they will fight together,
so it's a pointless separation.

Thus whole Euro thing is Trash,
is it really over workers and cash?
Or just another political act?
whatever the reason,
separation is wrong,
as humans we are
meant to interact,
this clearly shows our efforts
are in trying to get along as a mass.

Immigration seems to the main argument,
but that will not stop, just lower,
but remember Britain stole people,
send them back, I am sure they will
not hesitate just ask any black man
from the U.K to U.S.A,
I like looking at diversity, 
not the same snobbish, 
over proud race,
who can hardly cook,
Hornet loves an international plate.

U.K got their break,
now can Scotland leave?
as they did not want to stay,
U.K will say no
as they always get their way.

Man I wonder if my vote would 
have made a difference,
they have a set plan for their system,
ask me do they care if they
destroy Britain,
now it's mixed,
they want it back but not to black,
seems we have given into Zionism.

Euro 2016,
but many Europeans who
are part of the u.k
may get sent back to their country,
I don't watch much football,
but imagine it's going to be
a mono, one color,
and no longer a rainbow league.

It's all a one world order,
the main two,
Britain and America,
the only two countries
left in hysteria,
confuse their public,
as we believe in those
we deem superior.

I started this poem,
during the vote,
gathered research
broke it into this note,
in the words of the comedian
as I watch these men
"It's all a joke... one big joke"