Sunday, 19 November 2017

Midnight With The Midwife

"Midnight with the midwife,
She wants to close her eyes,
I am her alarm,
telling her stay up
get that grade up,
live your dream,
sleep it after,
after the graduation
It will be your job
everyday after when you rise"

I write this...
It's 5am and I'm awake,
until your last submission day,
It's your time,
your moment
if anything the results
deserve to go your way.

I spent a weekend
from Friday night,
I was like why go out,
let me stay in and support
the midwife.

The story of a
dedicated woman,
she has come along way,
from doubt, from fear,
almost wanting to quit,
but she stuck with it
she's almost in the clear.

She is under pressure,
I relate to that state,
I know she gets sleepy,
I will be your night coach,
I know your tired,
but you need to stay awake,
it's the final stretch, don't rest
go at pace, keep your neck up,
see the finishing line,
now win the race.

You've been
at your mums,
I'm holding down the house,
watching DVD's
with the son,
relevant films for
relevant times,
like "The Revanant"
I can tell he was
missing his mum,
I would wake up
and see you in
the moon shine,
my dear cancer I predict
now is and has always
been your time.

I can cook without you,
but I eat out of the pot,
To save washing up,
plus know ones around,
here's what real men
look like without a woman
to hold them down,
who needs women?
I do, midwife come home
it smells like man town,
I need your scent,
I also miss your sound.

I am glad you
got your space,
although I cannot
help you study,
I will be there
this weekend,
be your buddy,
if you feel fatigued,
take a break,
recharge and hug me.

Now It's all four
of us in a room,
one thing
I have learned
our adaptation,
I imagine us in
family caravan,
us in a tribal land,
in a hey made hut,
taking different shifts
looking out for
unwanted bugs.

I can be your runner,
running low on snacks,
I will go out for some
blueberry packs,
focus food,
we can get the junk
after your done,
take you out on a
post celebration date,
a night packed with fun.

I must say I am proud,
we did not have it easy,
relationships are similar,
We're not perfect,
but willing to compromise,
for the betterment of our lives,
so let the haters tell lies,
If love had a neck
we would be the best ties.

You were hard at study,
I was hard working
my creative craft,
I regret time spent with
those who never had my
deepest interest at heart,
spent more time with you,
be focus like you study
and applied it to my art,
when you graduate for us
it will be s new start.

I was there
in the beginning,
the middle
you controlled,
but I did promise
you I will
take you to the end
of the road,
around the corner
is meadow
for my pink rose,
where you will blossom
in the career
that the divine chose.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Promo Flow

Le Hornet
It's been
along time coming,
"walk the path most
M.C's are running"
I intro with a
self promo quote
from a single
on my E.P that soon
which will soon
be in your systems

I am a poet
with multiple projects,
so I must project
myself into a space,
give people another
taste, my words are
on a BPM that is
@ my accents pace;

@ Le Hornet on,
all links
are in the words,
just tap,
see my erratic
sporadic energy,
go on click...
come on...
take a look see.

I remember I had a dream,
it involved music,
but did not see very clear,
then one day a musician
came to me and said,
add a poem as most people
would like to hear,
I said "thanks man"
after that all became clear;

clear that I am more
than I thought it would be,
I could not avoid music
when given a ton of beats,
it seemed god given
as everyday seemed like treats,
I was home grown,
I relate but I could
not talk about the streets,
I wanted to talk about my life,
excluding the vanities.

The M.C
was born out of the poet,
people doubted me
but soon they
will know it,
I did not do it to
prove them wrong,
it felt right
that I show it,
So much so
I got put on
peoples shows,
performing on stage
being a walking

Describe my up
coming sound?

urm... well...
it's an extension
of my poetry,
Hip-Hop influence
but all words are me,
not a 3rd person perspective,
but the style is 3,
some songs took 3 weeks
others 3 months,
but eventual got put
into a creative energy,
my friend used my
video game element
and adapted the songs
around that personality.

It is said you cant
live your dream
until you get the money,
so what is it when
you do it everyday
before you get the monetary?
as I sit at my desc
sorting it out
like a secretary.

This is a moment of my life
that all feels worth while,
although it's been a while,
it's time for me to smile,
I am far from done,
I have many more
books and albums to file.

Current C.V:
One book called
"Just your everyday thoughts"
A current E.P called
"Many Faces Of Le Hornet"
my physical job?
working with young children
my role? a ninja teacher
who secretly teaches
them to live their dream
forget about adult rules,
their rules are limited
to the building.

I will say no more until the
27th of November,
you will hear me vocally
now I have to get back
to promoting me,
peace from Le Hornet
see you lot in the audio letter.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Raw Uncut... A moment of I don't give a F**K

This is a moment like
"I just don't give a fuck"
I write this not out of hate,
but right now like
Bob Marley said
"where is the love?"
It's lost in the translation
of peoples lack
of perception and their lust,
I'm in that I just woke up
"fuck the world"
like my favorite rapper Tupac.

You better protect your egg,
You Fucking around with a
man who did not plan
but take you to
the parenthood to abort,
you let him
get into your head,
then you went onto the next;

Who propose to you
without a ring,
you get on your knees 
and to his mic you sing,
he don't want to
hear your voice
just bow and lick
refer to him as king.

I can't put this all
on the women,
there are men complaining
about not getting enough
man... be a man...
you sound like a lady...
you're bitching,
it seems a lot of men
have been like ladies
who can't keep a secret,
men tend to be
about that life
to avoid life
why most men
end up snitching;

If you can't make it
rain between her legs,
you have to resort
to licking,
I don't knock the
pleasures of life,
personally Hornets
not about
secretion sipping.

This is a moment like
"I just don't give a fuck"
I write this not out of hate,
but right now like
Bob Marley said
"where is the love?"
It's lost in the translation
of peoples lack
of perception and their lust,
I'm in that I just woke up
"fuck the world"
like my favorite rapper Tupac.

Baby mothers...
stop complaining about
the dad that is not there,
you let him in bare,
you should have thought
about that before you ask
him to pay child care,
I know women who tied
their tubes and now speak
with a cold stare,
all feelings are gone,
but you want to put your
feelings on a social platform
to get a little flare,
you're attention seeking,
unlike Beyonce
you could never be
a dream girl,
more like Freddy Krueger
you make life an
everlasting nightmare.

Baby Fathers...
You plant the seed,
but don't want to
watch it breathe,
you would rather leave
rather than support
your child's need,
why most children
hate their dad,
because he had
multiple children
with different women,
his biggest sin was greed,
another dead beat,
hated by his created life,
will never have a wife,
who will die old and lonely
with no one to care
if he's deceased.

This is a moment like
"I just don't give a fuck"
I write this not out of hate,
but right now like
Bob Marley said
"where is the love?"
It's lost in the translation
of peoples lack
of perception and their lust,
I'm in that I just woke up
"fuck the world"
like my favorite rapper Tupac.

Hollywood terrorist
now get expose,
no jail time,
a simple sorry,
back to supporting
there movies
watching their shows,
women forget
about their rights
after a yearly slut walk
with amber rose,
call me the comedian
from the watchmen
it seems that whole world
is all one big joke,
filled with men
in high positions
numbing children
with coke,
celebrity silence
is why you see
that child star
as an adult
take the rope.

It seems race
is still at the forefront,
you got a U.S president
who is getting close
to his vision of division
every other month,
grab your balls all day
say fuck trump,
but he has already
fucked you,
he symbolized that
by not letting
Colin Kaepernick
hold a ball
grabbed that ladies cunt,
God seemed to have
cursed America
with a pig headed grunt.

This is a moment like
"I just don't give a fuck"
I write this not out of hate,
but right now like
Bob Marley said
"where is the love?"
It's lost in the translation
of peoples lack
of perception and their lust,
I'm in that I just woke up
"fuck the world"
like my favorite rapper Tupac.

Back to where I began...

I see you like them buff suckers,
who like to bring you ruckus,
you beyond Triple X
X meaning
your unknown amount of lovers
Y because
you had no control
over your lust
everyday there was
someone new who
were under your covers,
not just police,
married men,
even your
best friends brothers.

So call me a skinny man,
I'm strong enough
to do a handstand,
endurance so high
I can run across
this U.K land,
I work not for me
but to keep
my children cool
like an AC fan,
don't compare me
to your sit down boyfriend
who sits down at home
with a controller in his hand,
who also sits down
all day in a van;

I skate vans,
complete creative plans,
a hero to children
during the day,
their future I help expand,
nice guys finish last,
this is my last stanza,
unlike your X men
this is far from
my last stand.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Faulty Friendships

I am not the all seeing,
you tell me lies that you
want me to believe in,
You tell me about my failures,
so tell me what you're achieving?

I'm told I am outspoken,
but holding it in
leads to contempt,
why most relationships
are broken,
fixed on deceit,
the truth is they don't
want to speak,
hiding their true emotion,
the relationship started
will end as an open.

You have more
to question,
less to answer
with your intention,
you are a walking
Mortal and Kombat
with deception.

We can talk about
you all day,
by the end of it
I will have
nothing much to say,
I speak to both
you and your ego,
no reciprocation,
the complements
are just one way.

Friend... Ship the ones who
don't help you sail,
friends are only that of the past
because you... they have
already failed,
the future are in those
who do not anchor your life,
who will be there until
the end of the world.

I care because it's in my nature,
You only care when you
want a selfish favor,
your ugliness gets to my core,
if I would take you down,
I would bring you low
as the earths equator.

A friend in need,
is a friend who wants
your alcohol and weed,
your sofa with
breakfast and tea,
and will also
ask for a spare key.

Do I need to be
another yes man?
why I said no
when you ask me
to be your best man,
she made you worse,
but that truth you could
not withstand,
you got married,
she divorced you
and she's entitled
to half of your land,
it's the law
of a high priced whore
to take your butter
leave you in a jam.

Friendship is great,
until someone
throws it in your face,
then you wish you
had nothing to do with
them in the first place,
feels like all interactions
were a time waste,
but if you conjure
enough good memories
you will find something
to appreciate.

These days it's hard
to find a true friend,
like Ryu and Ken,
being lonely like Ryu
seems to be the best
in the end,
I don't believe that,
just know who is real
and who is pretend,
the devil will send attackers,
God will send you that one person
who has your back and your
character they will defend.

Friday, 13 October 2017

To The Voice On The Other Side...

The closest she has seen
to my face is the pictures
In my book on the odd page,
other than that we communicate
through a satellite wave,
yet it's like I have
known her for a decade.

I am a self published author
under a company
called choir press,
before I order my book,
I am speaking to my
Publishing Angel
behind the desc,
we tend to speak before
we order to my address.

Days of darkness,
this lady filled them with light,
conversations that ignite
like a sower of fireworks
in a nights sky.

She is like my psychiatrist,
as I express my creativeness,
my future plans and she ask
about my kids,
I feel like when we speak
we're old friends who reminisce.

I ring her 15 minutes before
I enter my works door,
she is my peace
before the war,
my encore to a great
movie score?

In another life was she
my mother archetype,
giving me eons of advice,
now we meet again in this life,
If I felt down she would say
"everything is going to be alright"

No matter what she
always makes me smile
her voice takes me
that extra mile,
If I could record her phrases
as a lift me up
when I lose my creative style.

        Le Hornet...

She is my angel choir,
I press her number,
she hears my call,
sends me my bible,
soon as they arrive
to my hornet hive,
jumping on my sofa
full of excite like I'm five;

I remember that day,
I was in a bad way,
I opened a envolope
with my name,
their it was...
my face behind the seal,
the first confirmation
of my earthly fate,
like the tiger on frosties

Unseen... but always heard,
she is like my mother
who heard my first word,
my first book is because
of a great friend and her,
teachers said
"you wouldn't achieve"
now my book
migrates oversees
like a bird.

People tend not to believe
in what they can't see,
but someone I don't see,
has belief in my gift,
every conversation
is like Christmas Eve,
the D.P.D is Santa
when all is said
she has prepared
the delivery.

She was at the beginning
of my dream,
a vocal cheer leader
who wants to see me gleam,
when I make it,
will drive down to her
office personally with flowers,
coffee and ask
"with cream"
take a walk around
not talking on a phone
but in the Gloucester scene.

Voice on the other side,
no face but I hear your grace...
all mighty...
I thank you for putting
her in my space,
word love to my choir
of my angel press...
until I see you face to face.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Earths Ambassadors Hindrance Hail

"I could care less
for the all seeing eye,
the only eye
I care for is Earth's,
her eye being the sky,
under her she will know
who was her truth
who was her lie,
Gaia is judgement before
her father and most will
suffer before and after they die"

We better stop hurting earth,
or our children will die before
they even get to give birth,
the planet is now
a haven for war,
it seems love is in a few
those who hate will feel her
elemental roar.

I am starting to wonder...
are scientist the aliens
as well as the military?
dropping bombs on her
and her children,
less forests
another new cemetery,
mother earth is now a
spinning obituary.

Captains of America,
there are
Captains of this planet,
who are here to protect
Gaia's life, why do you reject?
just to test weapon prospects,
missiles are your phallus you
force up her dress.

We talk about diversity,
only in the sense of humans,
animals are earths balance
as we unbalance their homes
to build more factory zones,
this will go against us one day,
we will be buried as A.I is left
in our catacombs.

At Most
she will bring
her mood tends
to become more
aggressive year by year,
2017 Hurricanes are one
part of her rage,
she is yet to make herself clear.

Climate change
does not seem that strange,
we got over abundant so we
could sustain,
now earth has sussed
it seems we are the stain,
it's us who brought her pain,
once a beautiful planet,
but people had become vain,
it would be her pleasure
to wipe us humans off her plain.

She is being pumped
full of toxins,
I feel it when she cries
acid droplets,
bees are losing there way in nature
because the world has advanced
in robotics,
or when she spews fish to the sure,
because mercury is in her
reservoirs, oceans and faucets.

There is a hole in the sky,
clouds are no longer
created by god,
but by men who know
how to vaporize,
cover their trails of chemicals
with conspiracy and lies,
spray it under people
who don't care or don't realize,
as we run around speculating,
this is nothing but a weather exercise.

What about on the ground?
tectonic plates,
the devil has his fork when
the volcano erupts
Poseidon when you
see tsunami waves,
which waves bye bye
to innocent villages and states,
it seems man is the new god
wants to be in charge
of many fates.

Earth is our birth right,
we let man do so much wrong,
Micheal Jackson made that clear
in his Earth song,
so did the film FernGully
the film had a message,
which today still stands strong,
but as she weakens,
so do we
and as
Earths Empath


(Earth Poem Pamphlet in LINK
get in her sync)