Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Let Me Paint You A Picture

What a morning,
wide awake,
far from yawning,
we wait,
we don't walk,
me and my daughter skate,
so we're never late,
until I hear

the tone I understood,
as I see what's up,
there she stood,
in the middle of a pool
of paint...

I need to go to work,
today looks like I have to
lose some worth,
this situation can't get any worse...

and it didn't,
I ring my work,
main manager is back,
she's used to excuses,
but how to explain this?

I'm stuttering,
huffing and puffing,
I wanna blow this house down,
but I'm pacing around,
she picks up, I keep it real,
she says take the day and chill,
I thank her for understanding
get back to this artistic spill.

In rage skin
uniform full of paint,
I work with children,
today I look like
I was a decorator
painting a building;

Looks like
a paintball fight,
I really wanna cry,
but I throw a tantrum
like I was five,
walking in and outside...

I can't look at my little lady,
my mind is going crazy,
I cant even clean her,
because my hands
clothes are worse;

I don't know where to start,
but I knew I needed a female,
to help me through this hell...


I get gods glory,
she comes in a older woman,
my mother archetype,
in another life
she would be my wife,
she gives me insight,
I'm still angry on the outside,
the floor starts to look cleaner,
the team work was just right,
I wanted to squeeze her tight...
and she also cleaned my little ladies
uniform... this woman is truly a
walking blessing in disguise.


Floor done,
thanks to my
Warrior Queen,
funny how such mess 
can make you realize how 
much more you got to clean...

So I get the yellow gloves,
a pink sponge and start:

Wash the dishes like a kitchen assistant,
3 day pile up... what a mission, 
playing draining board Tetris.

re wipe the bin and empty bag,
plus points now my girl can't nag.

wipe the surfaces, walls and even cooker,
today my girls getting the hook up.

re organised the tool cupboard,
more for me than she, but now it's empty.

sweep the floor,
then hoover it, then steam it,
fuck it,
I'm on a roll,
keep the flow.

I learnt a lot about myself,
I am unorthodox,
I clean simultaneously with
fairy liquid,
kitchen towel
a beat down cloth,
not O.C.D,
I just wanna finish the job.

Time 2.22pm still got time
to kick back and vent,
I can't believed this happened,
I lost a days pay,
cleaning on this hot day,
now I must stop writing
my victory I will celebrate;

With a celebrity,
a shot of Hennessy 
to Hail Mary,
a 4 hour mix of
you passed
20 years today,
Rest in peace,
kept my mind at peace,
I will end it here,
because I gotta get my daughter,
it's almost half past three...
the front room is a mess,
but compared to today,
it's clean.

"Princess, Now I won't tell
your mummy... I would say
your secret is safe with me,
but I just exposed it
to her and my audience
I will not hide it from you,
when you get home you give it a read"

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Back Up Or Back Down

I'm not going back,
is what's said many times,
time has past;

Wait it is still present,
each old thought makes your
new future irrelevant.

Why speak on change
go back and do the same?
the more you go back to nightmares,
the more you let your forward dreams 
go down the drain.

Friends hold you back,
set the scene for a dream,
but will not help you progress through the act;

Family is the worst hold,
I came from a typical broken home,
told me I am worthless,
now I am worth more,
telling me it's them I owe,
I thank all my readers and strangers
who help me advance,
is because of you why I am on the up and go.

I say "once you go Mac,
you never go back" 
go forward like technology,
or stay stuck and repeat history;

Books I may go back in,
for they hold many messages,
not the ones you get on your 
smart phones, social media app tablets.

Many times,
many have gone back to bad habits,
knowing they had a good streak
with out such,
seems habits haunt and taunt, 
become a brick wall,
preventing you to climb up.

I love the notion of going forward,
in truth it makes life less awkward,
Forward is the only way,
it's like telling time
"can you stay"
earth "stop spinning for a day"
they are the teachers of such
should adopt this universal way.

I tend to go back,
but to finish a lost project,
or when I forget my USB
for the DJ in my music set,
but I would go back to my passions,
but never the pleasures of my EX;

We go back to EX lovers,
because they were
good under the covers
We go back to EX jobs,
knowing we hate our boss...
We go back to square one,
because we circle ourselves,
why we think heaven,
but end up living hell,
the only way is forward
so march on so you can

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Midwife It Will be Alright

Finally she is on year three,
final year and I am proud of she;

She has come far,
I remember your exam anthem,
Lupe Fiasco "Superstar"
and soon to be on the midwife radar.

I don't remember your first year,
but your second was full of fear,
I remember how much you would tear,
I would remind you of my vision of victory
and it seems my vision is very clear
and regardless of what you may think,
madam... you have persevered.

You have overcome doubt,
people underestimating,
you made it this far if we were a tag team.
would be ultimate champions,
when you win I will choose the anthems.

You have a cool group of friends,
who help when you were in need,
I thank them, especially S-85 she
your balance buddy and you both
deserve this victory.

Midwife, main wife,
let's not label, you are about
to live your main life,
sorry if I ever made you feel low,
but i really wanna see you rise,
no matter how much you fall,
I will raise you, the fact you try,
Ima make sure you smile through this year,
ima make sure you have no reason to cry.

I can only right so much,
but all I can offer you is
support and love,
if you make it, I make it,
no ego, your heart is my heart,
as much as I encourage you,
you encourage me in my art,
let's finish this together so we
can have a new start.

I would sleep when you watch
call the midwife,
soon you will be on call,
coolest midwife known
in the west London zone,
may get me paranoid asking his lady,
"whose that on your second phone"
maybe not as on the other side will
be a woman with a long groan.

I would listen to your midwife tales,
I remember your first delivered child,
the screams of the mother you would explain,
your description of your encounters I felt their pain,
but also understanding the inside of your brain,
you knew more than you thought when you explained.

Thanks to you I am aware of:
Shoulder Dystocia =
babies shoulder rubbing on the pubic bone,
types of diabetes,
type 1 is insulin control because of high glucose,
diabetes type 2 is I think is diet controlled...

Enough of numbers...
but not to forget your birth numbers
you are on baby 34,
the 40 train is almost
their only 6 more
placentas and umbilical cords...
you are almost there my midwife
and close to your award,
where I will stand proudly at the
back with the first applause,
one thing I know for sure...
you will be the best name on the ward,
so my earth bringer go fourth
and get a first on this final course,
even if you don't I'm proud regardless 
my Rose Quartz.

"12 Stanzas,
after you make it this year,
soon you will be,
you are the light at the end
of a child's tunnel,
and a beautiful face they see,
I will write this at the beginning
of the year and write another in your...

Monday, 29 August 2016

conversation with my demon PT 5

Demon -
You are vulnerable, you opened your soul with the rum,
the fire, which hits the bottom of your stomach,
you can not imagine the magnification that same spirit,
being your spirit in my kingdom.

Me -
Well fallen one, I will not see you in your abode,
this is a hotel stop, eventually I'm going to have to hit the road,
but I'll call you when I need you again, darkness to me...

Well to you is only a temporary friend,
where I am travelling I always follow the lights in the sky,
not the ones planted into the ground,
the moon guides me until the sun wakes up,
so sorry I can't sleep with you forever.

Demon -
So why do you continue to drink?
are you not afraid of the gate you have opened to me?

Me -
I am not afraid of you... I can jump your fence when I want,
you cannot imprison me and if you succeed,
I still have the key;

I cannot let you lock me out in so much space.
I am on a beautiful rock right now and there is no reason to hide,
she has so much to show.

Demon -
You only say you are not afraid because you have not seen me,
you only imagine and guess what I will come as your assumption
and in unexpected forms, all I need is your signature.

Signature? what, I ain't signing your forms,
I can't read evils language...
but yes I have seen you,
you are nothing but a a reflection of my LESSER CHOICES;
If I want more, I am sure I will not see you in HIGHER DOINGS.

Demon -
If you live those choices out long enough, TEMPTATION  is a calling,
like the whisper of a chasing mistress who speaks through eye contact...
and trust me when I say...
so you will meet me face to face.

Me -
And if that's the case I will fight you until I see the LIGHT...
Sure you will have advantage as it is your arena,
but when my crowd of angles come looking for me, I will be lifted, their faces I shall not see,
but their voices I will hear and they will be singing the hymns of victory;

Knowing I faced my demon,
you see there is a balance to everything
and in the underworld the rules are no exception.

Demon -
LIGHT we're going to do battle in the DARKNESS...
my minions will be tearing you like wolves to an elk,
your guardians would not even recognize you.... HAHAHAHA

Me -
We're already fight, we're fighting in darkness right now,
you are just a voice in my mind, so when I close my eyes,
I can be where I want, if I use my visual and block off my audio,
I have five senses and I choose to taste you at this present moment.

Demon -
You keep up these temptations, I'll be more than a voice,
I have seen your weakness.

Me -
But your only strength is to MANIPULATE,
you are just a host and I invite you in, and like any bad host,
if they don't want to leave...KICK THEM OUT! you are just entertainment,
you make me happy some days, upset on others, I do not deny you,
because I need to except you, to love my hate will only cause less conflict.

HOST... I live in each sip,
go get merry and know the mother of Jesus will not hold you,
the father will disown you,
and you will have to come to the only open arms who will take you,
but not take you lightly, your heavy burdens I shall chain to you...

As you crawl at the level of your own guilt,
crying forgiveness;
but you shall be unheard, but not unpunished...

Me -
You speak to me and expose your most innate fantasy on what you would like to do,
naturally you're a sadist, your pleasure is watching me in pain,
but to me pain is a lesson which eventually,
with many falls...I will pass.

Demon -
Keep saying that and you will fall with me. Before the pit,
I will expose you to your life's MISERY.

Me -
Misery?...whilst I am here, I am here to solve and go beyond life's MYSTERY,
my misery is at my own whims, there is nothing you can show me,
I am not ashamed to repent also,
my choices are also made from my hearts voices,
 so, no decisions will be made without reason.

Demon -
Your words can only save you so far boy...but they are mere words.
you speak in parables and metaphors,
yet, have no know real answer in what you believe in...

Admit your downfall, you will not be able to climb out my pit,
it will be bottomless as the refills of a high society mansion party,
lost in your own torment, spiraling until you feel sick of what you see,
then you hit the ground, it's dark and you will feel HEAT...

You will curl into a ball of fear, like a hedgehog to a threat,
I will stand over you laughing at your despair,
simultaneously lashing you with my hot rod DRIVING you out your body
and all I WILL see is your spirit....

Me -
Did you not know, that first there was light and second there was word
and at that second I was born, not a prophet, but the other P... a POET...
I am a muse and here to amuse, inspire and make people laugh,
your threats are empty... you are FULL of  REGRETS...

You want others to hate themselves because of LOVE,
where you got rejected and never wanted,
you were the balance to this world,
your role has as much relevance, but I will not be your ball;
I will not curl up, I will straighten up and FLY right...

Right to the top with my wings flying alongside the arch angles...
looking down on my lower self,
because at this present moment in life...
I know...


1..2.. Freddy My Poem to You

Most recent encounter,
outside one of our brothers
court hearing,
you're early,
I'm skater late,
but all got sorted in that moment
as he got released on the same day,
drinks all round, a reason to celebrate,
your words to me:

"You are a young man I have always liked,
you take care of your children and wife,
you will do well in life" I know he meant it,
He's my uncle Freddy not just any drunken guy,
the uncle who will diss my skate fashion,
because he likes to dress nice.

When you spoke to my female,
you would tell her your queen 
was in band seven,
tell her, 
"you better get on every question"
his was a nurse I had a midwife,
we alright, women with a profession.

First drink we shared,
Napoleon Brandy,
as I introduce myself through rap,
Bajan accent V.S my London slang,
I remember your reaction,
you made me feel
like the man.

I was the rum runner,
skate to the shop,
alongside the rum,
Guinness, dragon stout,
height of summer
and I was about,
learned my limits,
because for the winter 
I tapped out.

Parties in Arts studio,
nothing but reggae roots,
you were one of my elders who
taught me the old school,
Richie Spice, Sanchez and more
Caribbean artist who got you to groove.  

Segregate Uncle,
around you I never felt uncool,
late night dances until the next morn;

Early morn, drinking until we yawn,
party plate and a debate,
how we roll, 
we could have gone 
through another Heineken crate.

I remember I had a resolution,
where I told myself I would give up fish,
then you served me two different styles,
this was a tempting dish,
I said NO, 
put a W in front of the no...now I wish,
but you respected the discipline,
it was going to be nice, O.G seasoning,
so I got two plates of rice, 
beetroot and a dumpling.

Who needed a bar,
you drive, I drank,
having conversations in your car,
long journey, so the wisdom went far.

You would visit me sporadically,
chill with a little leaf,
have conversations about the daily,
where you would end up kissing your teeth,
then you would go into a state of reasoning
and go back to your inner peace;

Peace you are in,
Peace for your teaching,
Peace for your constant believing,
Peace for random healing,
Peace may you rest in... 
Until I see you in the next dimension.

1... 2... Freddy I will miss you,
3... 4... You're an angel who soared
5... 6... I will see you in Pics,
7... 8... See you at heavens gate... gate... gate... 

"Dedicated to my O.G uncle Freddy,
you came at the right stage of my life,
lessons I learned through you, thank you
for keeping it true and just know, you will
be missed by your poetic nephew"

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Power struggle

What if men had more power,
it would not serve
the balance for peace,
instead war would increase,
there will be individuals
who would choose to fight
for what's right,
but where there is
justice for light,
opposition offers
the demons of the night.

We are used to demons by now,
democratic demons
are our sons of the morning;
I rise to see them on a media station;

terror is spoken,
continues as lunch time discussion
Sunset to moon rise,
it's on our mind,
on all the time
even when we unwind,
subliminally in our shows,
showing their same signs,
we're sleeping, their creeping,
thinking more ways to control our life.

We believe in a savior
when all is in our favor,
but when all is against us,
we ignore our faith
roll with the lower players.

A world where rulers are measured
by wealth and not words,
words of no value
is the new language,
truth became foreign
as lies tongue is rampant
spoken in all accents.

I love the people,
I hate the evil,
good tends to win,
ugly wants a sequel,
but there will be no trilogy
because we all know 
after number 3,
we won't be free,
franchise will redo
the same movie
from history
a horrible remake,
which we will watch,
but not critique.

Power is a trip,
only ends,
when the ego slips...
you should have
listened not to your
mind, for it is the heart
that gives the best tips.

Children of change
become controlled adults,
most start with heart,
but end up old broken souls,
reflecting days of deja vu,
they had a plan
but seems their
prints remained blue;

why most are inside out,
struggling with their emotions,
controls most of their outcomes,
is temporary because
keeps them stagnant,
hates that you don't move forward
with full zeal and passion.

We all have power,
the struggle will be over
when we quit
that final work hour,
seek to claim back
such control,
you must make a move
which is bold,
something that will
enhance the experience
of your soul...
please "dear reader"
find out what that is
do it until you're old.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Poetic Vowes Hornet Howls

Wedding day,
let me start early,
because I don't
want to be late,
wait... it is also two
of my children
from works leaving day.

I kept a promise to my
two ninjas, I wanted to
see them and give them
some last minute wisdom,
share a croissant
some Fuji water
telling them their future vision,
simultaneously one of my managers
are helping me print my tickets
and poetic speech for the wedding mission.

After goodbyes without any cries,
as the child told me,
"I will see you, although
I'm going, my little brother
is staying"
they gave me a hug,
so my day already
started with love.

I leave the building
to go and print the gift,
it's only 10am,
I got time to print this rhyme,
I couldn't, but my girlfriend
sends the P.D.F,
Pretty Damn Fast...
her speed to my lack of organisation,
makes the day light 
before this joyous occasion.

Printing done,
I have time to have fun,
drop the bike back to my mum,
thank my little brother for that,
he made the day have even more sun,
without that bike
that morning could have been long.

So I skate forward,
feeling good,
by myself a drink,
sit in the park and read
what I wrote,
as I read it I smile
say I am proud of my bro,
now let me go... back... I left
my gift the shop,
that's twice I forgot,
my phone was earlier,
absent minded omen is
on me, I better be careful
of such before something gets lost...


Fast Forward;
On the way to the wedding
I just made it on time,
to the train station
not church destination,
I'm telling myself we are late,
my girlfriend keeps the positive vibration,
thank god she did;

We get back on the train
I see a mutual friend,
I did not know we were
on the same carriage...

Long story short,
he put a smile on my face,
I'm Like hey together we can be late,
he guides us to the church
and in the timing of god,
made it before they shut the gate;

I wanted to scream Hallelujah,
throw myself to the floor
in front of the church floor,
but instead I act cool,
sneak the back, sit down
like I was there way before.

A beautiful reception,
A beautiful Sermon,
beautiful guests,
watching two beautiful persons.

The rings exchange,
they celebrate down the isle
with a dance train,
the happiness is clear in his face.

Family and friends
photos being taken,
 with the dashing bride
her groom
next destination
was the reception;

unsure of how to get there
we hitchhike a calm ride
with the humble Saudi
expressing how back home
the roads are treacherous
so bad there are 9 year olds
behind the wheel,
as we're talking of children,
realize we have one of each,
expressing as fathers how we feel.

Destination made...

In a primary school playground
feeling like a kid again,
reminiscing by the school fountain;

I see an open toilet
free myself from
the tight wedding attire
expressing my freedom wearing
 yellow shorts
the grooms
favorite rapper... Tupac...
an artist we both desired.

Wedding bouncer kept calling
me my girls name
her mine,
We get in and leave,
waiting for the groom 
the bride,
wedding vibes 
are still on a high...

So I thought...
The Security guard 
who was the joker,
got serious,
told me my clothes
don't match the
reception service,
I was already in,
man... He let me in,
the situation was confusing...
but today is my 
brothers wedding day,
for him 
I am not losing;

So I re change,
go back to Clark Kent,
just so I can finish the event,
I could have been superman drunk,
but I would rather be a super friend.

Finally I made it in,
in time for most 
of the speeches,
I see a friend,
who don't see me,
it's like we are playing 
hide and seek;
He finally sees,
he walks over in his
hip hop physique,
the way our hands clap,
is like thunder,
re kindling old school energy,
but why God, why God,
did it have to be 
whilst the best man speaks?
Word to his Chrome heart,
why he was the best man for my G.

After the ceremony
the first dance,
I look across the room
my brother looks like a star,
again... may you lot 
last until the end,
 see you after the honey moon,
in your new beginning.