Saturday, 16 November 2019

Let Us Laugh... I Will Get The Last

You just want to make fun of me...
laugh at my anguish... how about
I bring a little joy to your society...

It seems telling the truth does
not make you happy,
you give me 7 different types of medication,
1 should + 6 types of meditation...
It’s funny you ban drugs,
but drug me and put me in an institution. 

Who to trust?
work Colleague selling me guns and drugs,
then telling the boss later I asked,
a needle in the eye...
and little man, a kiss on the head,
he was always nice,
he deserved that much.

Push me to the edge,
I want to push you off one in my head...
first... into the pavement...
watch your body bleed out,
I want to see you blood less... 

A world so cold,
I’d rather put myself in a freezer,
heart is cold as ice,
the reason why I choose the heater.

Knock knock...
is anybody home?
the key is a bullet to my dome,
I laugh to myself but I’m not alone.  

You’re crazy rich,
you go crazy when you’re not rich,
poor choices lead to my
home boy pouring liquor in a ditch.

Ha ha ha ha ha... ha ha ha...
If I don’t laugh,
I may gas myself and explode...
next time I will not bring a gun...
but a bomb to your show.

Life is yellow,
because yellow is a happy colour,
but red brings me smiles,
oh how good it feels to take
the life of another,
I don’t want to pillow talk,
you talk to it mother...

In the end we all go a little crazy,
some more than others...
so let’s laugh together,
to make up for sadness,
my tears have run dry...
now walk in my insanity.

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Vote For... Oh No Not this Again...

We Vote, we complain,
we complain after we vote,
old men running a new generation
is a joke, they have seen no benefit,
why in their future politicians
will have less to no hope.

Let me recap what has changed
since I was born... urm... nothing...
same complaints in my grandmas time,
which passed down to my mother,
who passed it down to me,
3 generations deep and my mum
has sewn more for the this country
than she has reaped.

Politicians create division,
intellectual collision,
it's soon 2020...
U.S.A are you sure you
have any vision?
People think they have a say,
but the government make
the final decision.

I am not a voter,
not because I don't want to,
I look at the line up for candidates
and ask what can they do for me,
it seems they have done nothing
for you, apart from alter your view,
as you see what they want you to believe,
cheer leaded by a news crew.

The only candidates in this time
seem to be:
Racist, Feminist and Terrorist...
who are an embarrassment on the
world stage of politics...
"Hey Putin and Jinping are laughing
at us, why did you come to
the summit with saveloy and chips"

It seems we the people
only vote for pigs,
politics only reveals the
stupidity of it's society,
as we the people vote for idiots.

You voted for B.J,
who I bet would love to give
one to D.T, under the
white house desk
like Monica Lewinsky,
U.K and U.S has always been
in the same bed...
HA HA HA... do you get me...

I don't have much views on this
subject, I will only vote for those
who earth protect, people respect,
value life and all those
imaginary persona's which do not
exist in the political process...

To sum up...

"Political language is designed
to make lies sound truthful
murder respectable,
to give an appearance of solidity
to pure wind"

George Orwell...
you are todays poetical pin...
we vote for monsters, not men,
and these men commit
the world of sin with a grin.

Friday, 5 July 2019

Time Transcender

Time is chronological,
but i count it biological,
my body clock,
not how much the body gets
abused by this modern watch;

Someone asked
"Have you got the time?"
I replied: "It's Time to Transcend,
my book is available on amazon
and it will change the way
you time spend".

Time is Strange as the Doctor said,
to truly understand its concept
one has to astral project,
find them self in a space
far far from their desk.

TIME backwards is EMIT... 
they send us out to the work pit,
we give off our time
so much so, we even work
when we're sick.

We are the children of Gaia,
Cronus has swallowed us,
time literally eats us doing
the things we don't love. 

My personal time line:
2012 was my first book,
2018 I release my first EP
2019 my second book is out
and on this same year more
creative projects to come about.

Dr... Who.. are you?
a time traveller...
wibbly wobbly, timey wimey
don't blink your eyes and fall asleep
or your job will for thee
for counting sheep.

I like to spend time writing poetry
on a long journey and also read,
have fun and games with my family, 
time is said to be an illusion...
but it's also the most dominant
force in this current reality.

Time is... I don't actually know,
but I know what it is not,
something to waste, as you're not
forever going to be on Earths clock,
so invest in your time as it was stock.

John Connor sent The Terminator
Back To The Future with the
intention to get my book,
Doc and McFly were also in line
and Doc said "Great Scott"
these words will change how
the future will look. 

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Hard To Be Alone (Cry Of A Single Mother)

There’s pressure on the mother,
there’s pressure on the son,
there’s pressure on the daughter,
because the magazine makes
her feel less than none.

There’s pressure on the T.V
because the son wants to live like that,
the daughter eats less and less,
because She’s pressured
to believe she’s fat.

The mother is constantly
pressured at work,
her children are never home,
she cooks for a family of three,
but she’s always eating alone.

The son eats take away
because he dose not no health, 
the daughter is weight watching
at this moment not caring
how her stomach felt.

After take away,
he takes a stroll way away,
when he looked back,
he was far from home,
He’s rolling carefree not realising
he’s trapped in another gangs zones…

He hears a group of boys
but he’s oblivious
In his head phones,
they take it as insult
and end up throwing stones.

He turns around,
looks on the ground,
In his eyes was red… 
“YOLO” was his battle chant
ran toward them then BANG BANG...
his heart turned inside his chest;

In a different location
not to far from home
 his little sister is getting caress,
by his  boys who wanted
more than chips and fries,
but an extra side of his sisters breast.

“Life dose not seem right
at this moment”
is what he whimpered before
he took his last breath;

Mother is oblivious
to what is happening to her children
so she just hit’s the bed,
as she falls asleep,
simultaneously her son closes his eyes
is in the presence of death.

"She tries, no one too tend to her
and her children's cries,
she weeps... not because she is weak...
is because she was a true woman
surrounded by men who told lies"

Sunday, 21 April 2019

Happy Birth... Dane (21/4)

Centre Back,
And Blueberries,
No milk before the game,
we don't want a team of
Unsettled bellies.

Water for sweat replacement,
run forward on attack,
by nature you're a defender
so you will get back.

Your position
requires intuition
and vision,
you are at they other end,
if they get close
make the right decision,
learn from the striker
Don't stop and get a red
for collision.

Defending is no easy job,
one lazy player can double
your work ethic,
make you look unfit,
it's a team game,
Don't blame me,
we made him
score a hat-trick.

I will celebrate,
when we get great,
run up and down the pitch,
whilst you run to the pub
and order a crate,
let me re cap the game,
dream, meditate until
my next play.

I practice in the house,
how to explain...
football is my foundation,
all corners of my life;

"Mum I promise
when I make it
I will help you
with redecorating,
England is struggling
And I am the new generation"

Football is life,
defend do not
attack your wife,
green means peace,
but not when
it's a derby war,
I'm from west London,
watch Chelsea
but QPR is on my door.

Cesar Azpilicueta mentality,
pitch coverage, passing,
never under pressure,
Player check
pass to the pitches measure,
set sail with your mates,
Get the trophy
add it to your treasure.

You got the teams back,
the main star
is always fronting,
forget his glory...
like Cafu you will shine
if you just keep running,
let the forward shoot,
you just keep hunting.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Communicate Find Our Fate

Communicating with a female,
let us have a conversation,
something that can take us to
a higher destination,
maybe we will find we have
more in common and we may
bring each other elevation.

I like to talk, but on a walk,
if we sit for too long...
we both may get bored,
how about you ride with me
take photos whilst I skateboard,
I rap, you sing, let's make a record.

When we talk, don't make it about
I... meaning you, make it about us,
then our love can be true.

True lovers listen,
so they can build a future vision,
I dare not ignore you,
I want to hear and help
you build your mission.

I can be your poetic therapist,
if you've had a bad day,
write me a check list...
I will check and rebuttal
with a poem to soothe you,
my payment... a kiss.

Let me speak to... not at...
speaking at may put you off track,
if I speak to you, may turn you on
and we can do the love act.

We can speak through
a game of chess,
my eyes may gaze
if you're playing in a tight vest,
but that's my eyes doing the
talking... check mate...
you won due to my gawking.

Speaking is healing,
words can alter feelings,
so I will be weary of what
I say... only speak
words with meanings.

Let us communicate...
may our conversation go to space,
if I sound alien...
I will learn to translate and relay
and together our words race. 

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Food Fun Fanatic

I greet…
“Let us meet at in a place
where they serve no meat”
and “Is there a salad bar?”

She responds… “Salad no… bar yes…”
Man it is hard being a veg,
I don’t know what to eat?

Tofu? Soy is bad so it is said,
but what do you think the livestock
in the farms are fed?

I am told I am a malnourished man,
but I got nuts, seeds
and replacement foods in my plan…

I am no sit down couch potato,
I am a jumping soybean
who can do a handstand.

My health has multiplied since
I stopped eating things that died,
green beans and asparagus
are now my French fries;

I still fancy French fries,
but not make it a part of my daily life,
plus I get more kitchen time with the wife.

Two chopping boards,
slice by slice, I mean side by side,
Knife by knife, we have jokes,
It’s not always the onion watering my eyes;

Laughter makes the preparation
more light, the heat goes from the kitchen
to the bedroom… a dessert very late night.

Freestyle is the way we cook,
sometimes we will take it from a book,
acting out master chef, I be like…

“Terrible, this is not your best”
but the meal is all over my napkin,
somehow even reached my vest.

In the end
the kitchen becomes my best friend,
waiting for rice,
the units become my weight bench;

Never sitting the bench as I get dense…
now be healthy my readers,
digest a hornet sentence.