Thursday, 14 February 2019

Valentine From Hornets Abyss

Oh my sweet valentine,
today I would Love to be yours,
then tomorrow I am going to
message some of my special whores,
I will say and give what I have to today,
too slide up in your Victorian Secret drawers.

Today you are the centre of attention,
next few weeks you're back to having less affection,
Love is not one day... but a daily intention...
even god's love is hard...
he may punish you now on earth,
so later you make it to heaven.

a holiday with no true meaning,
it's true meaning is so demeaning,
I will not bother explain,
just research instead of day dreaming...

dreaming about what is ideal for you...
and only you, never to reciprocate
on how another may be feeling,
bringing more pain to the word Love,
because you still need personal healing.

I Love to show Love,
Love is an action, not just a phrase,
you love me now, then the next minute you hate,
then you say you love me again,
then tell me to go away... tell me I'm a dog...
but I think your understanding of Love
is what has gone a stray.

You say he's the perfect one,
you forget he was a fatherless son,
so when his love is limited,
instead of being nurturing, you tell him leave...
you call yourself a mum?

She was a fatherless daughter,
her mother had multiple partners,
not because she's promiscuous,
is that most men did not have the answers;

Most men still don't...
they know she's someones daughter
running to the pimp saying: "My usual order"

Chaos... I want to Love women,
but once you do, all becomes loss,
friendship becomes lost,
so let me just be your friend,
if we argue, like orange it can be squashed...
modern day relationship... someone is always
trying to manipulate or be the boss.

I feel like the Grinch of valentines day,
as I am in two minds,
I vouch for love... but not in the same way
as that word tends to be used more for play...

Don't play with that word,
especially to a Poet... one thing for sure is...
if your love is real... THEY WILL KNOW IT...

Monday, 11 February 2019

Noob Hornet (Dark Hornet) Can You See My Light?

Can you see my light?
I am willing to make the sacrifice
like the dark knight, make sure your day
does not stay dark before the dawn,
I will be your eyes in the dark,
so tomorrow your children's future can be bright,
the truth you dare not say,
let me be what you deny...

Get out of my face, why you say???
1. You never show your real face,
2. You only respond when you have no place...
3. You seem lost in T.V stars,
why you will never own your own space.

Current thought, I have none,
you are made of electricity,
but you act like a vampire...
you suck energy from others
because you are no one.

I see people... but people don't see me,
I guess I will wait for when they say R.I.P....

Death has a funny way of showing its true colours,
it seems people only mean more
when they are no longer among us,
why didn't you acknowledge their knowledge?
is it because you were to busy rating others;

Rate the man with no plan,
Rate the woman with a tan,
Rate those who destroy your thoughts
guide you in destroying earths land...

I cant...
I will not take back what I have said,
these are the present thoughts in my head,
you hide what you truly feel...
why you shall never have Gods respect,
you say you hate the devil...
but when you express,
his fork is what's in the road of your mind,
God is Right in the Middle,
but you still take lucifers Left...

Then call me a head case... crazy... insane...
but it is you who is afraid to change as I set
the chain reaction for change...

Do not take this for anger...
I am highly observant, if you are offended...
clearly my words got you bended...

I keep it straight like a heterosexual,
No homo... phobic...
It seems abnormal in this day
and age if you have a kid...
abortion rate is getting higher too,
women sleeping with men
who act PUSSY and only think with their DICK...
don't take offence... if you did...
clearly you are the systems BITCH;

Mr nice Guy... OH how you would never know,
if you did, you would not judge this...
but appreciate that I am honest...
you won't let me be Neo...
because you clearly follow the philosophy
and are a carbon copy of agent Smith...
I hope to see you in the real world...
slaves to this government coded matrix...

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Bird Box... Civilized Cage

We are 3 birds in a box
wanting to be free,
but our skies are surrounded
by an unknown entity;

It takes one look
they can make you end
your life's book...
whatever fear
you have written...
death will assist its vision.

We are 3 birds in a box,
you humans live in a civilized cage,
controlled by men who
taught you how to behave.

My owner wore a blind fold,
but society never looked
at each other, but looked
at rectangle images that they
would insure and cover,
rarely reassuring a fellow
sister or brother.

"Don't look up"
they would say...
the eyes are the
window to your soul,
why the devil can play,
keep your 3rd eye open
God will show you the way.

Now they want to look
in the sky... when darkness
sheathed it and blocked
out the light, and the same
dark men you hated...
in the end became your sacrifice;

Pre-apocalypse, I remember
when the ground was black,
full of white chalk lines
from a society
that held them back...

Post apocalypse it seems
the privilege are not ready
to survive this act,
it is clear the true survivors
are those who slept the
roads and back packed.

We are 3 birds in a box
who finally got free,
surrounded by those
who could not see...

For the blind were
the most protected...
it seems men that can see
have no true vision
as it was created
from a mans perspective;

God guides the blind,
so wash your eyes
and follow their sign,
because when the world
gets dark... it will be them
who will show you the
divines true shrine.

Monday, 26 November 2018

Connecting With Someone Connected...

Hello E.E,
how can I help?
"Can I pay to promise"
I got an instant laugh,
it was called promise to pay,
the laugh made this
call a good start.

She asked for the
2nd and 3rd
character of my password,
she liked the same film,
from there our conversation
started to perk,
they should take that for
training purposes,
such customer service
should be heard;

The first rule she said is,
"we cannot talk about it"
The second rule I said is,
"we cannot talk about it"
and we didn't and I wont
in this poem... man what
great acting from Brad Pitt,
now if that is not
an obvious tip.

As she was dealing
with my inquest,
we were speaking
like we were each others B.F.F,
the film gave us
a mutual ground
to speak about the
attitude of people and why
society is a mess,
she complemented
how I was her happy hour
from a day of stress.

She must be in sync...
because two days earlier,
I said too my block Nana,
why do people blame
the caller at the centre...
would it not be easy to
speak with manors
and make both of
your day better;

And she did,
let me say how...
slash my bill,
she even offered
to help me better my deal,
we shared laughter
and wisdom and talked
about our spiritual will,
11:11 is a sign she is on
a higher dimension,
the universe has her promise
in a jar waiting for the hand
of good karma to open the seal.

But... lets call her Marla,
Marla told me she likes
to dance to disco
before her morning stroll,
I relate as I advise people
to bring their inner child out
before they get
in their work hole.

As we were speaking,
the task was near completing,
the conversation was far out,
I was out in the cold,
her voice would be my heating.

My day started unorganised,
I found what I was looking
for that lost
needed P45,
then I check my bill...
black Friday, more like
Black Rob "Like Whoa"
that is high;

But her service
made it more "HI"
we spoke as we had
known each other
in another life,
I thank you for bringing
harmony harmonica
enjoy your birthday
my Sagittarius Sister
may your karma amplify.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Don't Get Caught Palm Handed

To those with a chainsaw
in their palm,
why cut my trees
bring your future
children harm? 

You cut down my land,
because you have
the power in your hand,
people demand,
I on the other hand;

I have all in abundance,
all can eat,
why does famine
even exist,
western waste is at a high,
I can smell your garbage
in my sky.

Like Fred Flintstone,
you have to shout out Wilmar,
the small trades main source,
they are taking me by force,
if they are too rich
to take to court,
you judge them
by not giving these
brands your support;

I will spin
as long as I can,
but I need you
to walk this walk
and never again
have to have this talk.

I could blame the
mobs of mass production,
but I also blame the greed
of my offspring for
their daily consumption,
you feed these corporations,
who feed you these foods
in return that you will return
buy by the dozen,
bye bye I will say
when my trees
are cut down
your lungs find it
hard to function. 

From space I am beautiful,
I see my all,
like a mirror on the wall,
I am the fairest
planet of them all;

If this was mars,
the war would
have been harder,
so I suggest you do not
be a bad cess in my pool,
for your future genes
I may keep my cool,
make geography a mandatory
in their curriculum at school.

I am not bias...
every reaction has a chain,
palm, soy, maize and corn,
have adverse effects,
as it's fed to livestock,
who are eaten by those
who don't want to
make a change,
just justify, to smile in their lie,
their pleasures are my pain.

Change you can try,
you may be too late,
I understand Bio-Fuel
is under way, way to go,
but you have a
long way to go;

You have to reverse
more than limiting
the use of coal
to fill that O-Zone hole,
you will have to combine
your technology with me
to maintain for the
next generation to find
what this current
one cannot solve.

My animal organisms
who live off instinct,
are slowly becoming extinct,
you are desensitised to your heart, 
you act before you think;

Think about how
many families you have torn,
starved an Eco system from
the fruits and shoots
to the nuts and acorn,
not giving them
a chance to re-spawn,
life is no game
I am yet to bring the storm...
you will soon be X-Men
if you do not mend...
oh you have been warned.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Karma From The Father

When I give,
I never do it to receive,
the intention in your mind
is what the
universe will perceive.

I tend to give my book
out as gifts for birthdays,
weddings and Christmas,
no money, it was my gift
and the making of it
was beyond business;

It started from a friend,
who never gave up until
it got to it's end,
never ask me for money
it was clear
he was god sent,
my mountain was steep
and this individual
helped me ascend.

Where does this flip,
a brother also
sent from Allah,
had an idea
to sell my books
in his coffee shop;

Now every other
day he is bearing
me good news,
"books sold,
come and collect"
now I pray
he gets on top,
where I felt bottom
like a rock,
earth angels
have intervened
warning me not to stop.

I tend to
teach young children
how to skate,
then more
experience boarders
would pop up
help me elevate,
skateboarding is life
funny how life is
balanced that way.

As much as
I wanted to quit music,
studio time would come
my way, as if god said
"you better win,
do not try and lose it,
let people hear you,
via arranged production
and acoustic"

I thought...
who wants to hear me,
I am known
for my poetry,
until people
started inviting
me out to M.C,
extend my skills
now I have my own C.D,
thanks to those who came
around and increased
my self belief.

I remember giving
coins to the homeless
when I had loose change,
then one day
I found a bag of coins
when i was in drought
karma made money rain.

I remember working
a full time job,
complaining about
my time a lot,
so then God
gave me a lunch
cover slot,
as I was writing this line
guess what?
I got a call
from another job
and he secured me
another ideal spot.

Karma will collect,
pay each good individual
their owed debt,
also those who've done bad
will get a karmic cheque,
she pays a visit to all
so be careful how you step.

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Lions Lust Law

Before I walk
into your door,
I will knock,
but even if I get in,
you have to let me in,
we have to lock jaws
before I can get between
your draws.

What is I want?
you... but not the
whole you,
let me inside half way
before I say "I DO"

Not that I don't
not to say I won't,
you got me infatuated,
your body I want to take it,
re-arrange it around my fit,
if I can't endure longer than
a minute Ima make sure you
spray until I reload my clip.

You still got it
single mummy,
you are known as
a M.I.L.F,
call me your babe
as I suck from
the finest breast
that produced milk,
as I rub in between
your thighs,
how they feel like silk,
if he won't... I will make
you spill and help you heal.

We need not have a contract
like Dorian Grey,
let's make our lust colourful
like Austin Powers,
say something naughty
I will say "Oh Behave"
Tell me you're bee hive
will be sweet and it
will be shaved,
don't let it look like a
bear who came out of
hibernation from his cave.

I swapped lust for trust,
now I have lost trust...
I can never trust again,
trust takes years to build
lust just feels the same,
lust told me
"I will pleasure you
take away this pain"
I pulled up in a corner
with my car and took
her out of the rain,
after I was done I dropped
the rat back to her drain.

We can take it
slow or do it fast
as long as the affair
can last, unfair it's
only lust...
if it was based on trust
I would no doubt make
you my love.

I lust you...
I love you,
lust is a lie
love is true,
love is strong
lust is too,
in a world where
there's so much to view...
tell me... what to do?

You can be my mate
for life, eventually
you must be worthy
of a wife, if I want
more after you,
just no it never
felt wrong,
all was just not right,
I may not
love you forever,
but I will lust you
every other night.