Monday, 16 January 2017

Virtual To Real

I played all
the Mario Karts
now on number 8
I came 8th twice,
I wonder if it's
a part of fate,
if I went back to 1,
would I have won,
probably not,
after the first race,
I excepted the outcome,
that this is clearly
not crazy taxi
Sega's outrun.

From Mario Kart
real life kart,
never drove a car,
I feel nervous
excited to start,
no one pictures me driving,
skateboarding is my art,
yellow is my favourite colour,
I am called the local Bart.

I go fourth to the block,
I am probably more happy
the fact I can stop,
because who came behind me,
crashed, he left a ripple effect,
I was like "O.K burnout revenge"
but forgot about revenge as I had
the need for speed
as soon as the lights drop,
especially when I heard I had to
race against the clock...

First corner
came with ease,
just like the game
second corner I slide out
blocked kart number 3,
but by the 3rd round,
I had found my control,
beating my old times
with a breeze.

I remember passing my lady,
so cute and safe,
as I lapped her and thought,
if she's ever drunk
I can drive,
I would not be a good
candidate to designate,
you would probably
get home secure,
better than me in such,
than my sober state.

I am causing congestion,
people frustration,
road rage,
I thought it was just a race,
but competition is higher
in others,
me I just want to participate.

I remember over apologising
for making first time mistakes,
during game time,
their is no forgiving,
I saw by the looks
on their face, thinking,
"who invited this guy to the birthday"
It look like they were even thinking,
"better not give that dude some cake"

Intermediates can be so bitter...
I mean for a beginner,
I do not expect to be a winner,
but better than that,
I mean on Mario kart
me and link
would eat people online for dinner.

I remember before
my best round
only two believed,
they said a few words,
I went from position
nine to five,
by the last race I thought
maybe I could make it
to the top three.

So was the final,
everyone gassed,
well electric,
I am first on the block,
I start with fire,
by the second corner,
red light, behind me I
hear the sound of a traffic disaster,
a domino effect when one crashes,
the others follow after,
we drive back to the pit,
get a verbal warning,
I be like whatever man,
I was nothing to do with it,
like the class smart kid
doing ad-libs behind miss.

Well is that the reason I miss
my goal,
I came last in the final pole,
I was like no... no... no...
I felt better in my flow,
how was I this slow,
I demand I rematch,
but it was the final go;

So we went,
for a late night meal,
laughter, brandy
who was the best
on the wheel,
I was voted most dangerous,
I thought I was more chill,
they saw G.T.A
my ego saw a potential
G.P formula one Hamilton deal
with a house on the hill,
maybe the drink got to my head,
I better go to bed,
but before I do...
Mario Kart with the girlfriend
to get the man in me back on full rev.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017


No No No...
Who is this woman, 
how did she get in my bed?

Man what am I going
to tell my wife, 
how much did I have to drink
last night?

This woman looks familiar,
But she isn't mine,
I knew I should have stuck to beer,
Why did I sip that wine...

Now I'm really done,
Even if we did,
I don't remember the fun,
It must have been that vodka,
Mixed with rum.

Ima creep downstairs and make a 
breakfast... maybe the smell of a 
fry up, will wake her up. 

How do I explain this to my 

I know I'll...

Tell her she was a homeless
woman who needed a night. 
NA... she will call prostitute.  


She got lost and knocked the
door, she had wet clothes...
NA she will still think whore.

Why oh why,
now I am cheating guy,
excuses are hard 
man I find it hard to lie...
but I love her...
in mid thought heard
"Hey honey are you alright,
Something smells nice"

"I have something to tell you
About last night... I... I...
the thing is...
I think I gave another
woman a kiss...

you with me all night
man were you pissed,
I wanted to
but you were to tired
to get your soldier to lift"

So who is the woman up stairs?
I came from upstairs out of the
bed, wash my face, know one is here...

He took one look
 at the pillow case,
he wondered...
how did she leave
why did she not take her face,
then his wife said,
"I will clean that, 
I forgot to wash my mask
So let me deal with that pillow case"

He looked in shock 
as he has never seen her
with such camouflage, 
but he felt relieved
at peace in his heart,
then said...
"You are my sweet cake,
make up makes you look
like a tart"

They looked at each other
had breakfast
both laughed,
re-caped about last night,
relieved it was a mistake in identity,
for the make up had stole his wife. 

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Girls up and coming, I'm bring one up

Future of my princess?
before I determine that,
let me look at the now
see where this thought
will progress...

many women
have progressed and climbed,
but just as much
sell sex
morally have declined.

So many generations
to speak and reference,
each with unique minds,
let me start with my little
ladies, they are rising in this
time, let me try and explain this,
so pardon me if I do not rhyme.

2009-Current generation,
they are very good actresses
and have a wild imagination,
Elsa is their main idol her image
has not frozen yet,
as she taught them
to let it go,
they sing and dance and only
want a princess wardrobe.

The tablet children,
oh how they love the screen,
I hope they don't become cyborgs
by the time they're in their teens,
they have such beautiful
human personalities,
Le Hornet says
"may you get to live your dream".

these little ladies are really brave,
I see them in the world of skates,
taking drops, getting back up,
mothers fear is not dominant in
their expression, for they found a
way to deal with this current aggression.

These girls are fast,
they put in all their heart,
if they are  not academic,
they tend to be good at art,
like any girl when they are ready
to learn, they will start, by the looks
of things these girls have big dreams
and I see the majority becoming stars.

These are ladies with  an artistic mind,
they are very expressive, reassured of
who they are, because of their mothers
experience, most keep their hearts protected;
they speak with passion and have a unique sense
of fashion, these girls have found ways to achieve,
because these young ladies are all about action.

I actually have not met many so will
skip this year and move into the children
of the 80's, generation me;

The 80's ladies,
the one who gave birth to most of
these princess babies,
Beyonce was the Icon,
independence was pushed,
and so were the men,
these women had no time for
boys, most these ladies
leased, if not brought
a Mercedes Benz.

Seems like women are
Starting to rule the world,
So do not fear
My little girl,
Heaven is in your time,
Men have raised enough hell.

But daughter...

That's as far back
as I can go...
But daughter,
this is your pre-diary,
a quick time chart flow,
these are words 
for the future you
I have many more 
to help you grow.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Critic... Poetic Script...

Criticise my life,
without judging yourself,
your life must be made up,
even the mirror hides you well.

Criticise everything
in your life,
from the internet connection,
to the connection with your wife,
and a critic never admits their wrongs,
it seems once they speak,
all is finalised. 

Critics tend not
to be constructive,
they're here
to be destructive,
make others who try
feel obstructed,
only here to create behind
the scenes ruckus.

You critique my food,
you critique the way I move,
why critique everything I do?

Is it because you
don't do much?
thus there is nothing
more to judge?
Is it because you were
hated so much,
you find it hard
to show love?

Critics run in hyena packs,
as they could never take
the stage alone,
just laugh when you walk past,
as a lion I know I am going back
to a throne, their going back
to a laptop to write a review,
virtual Simon Cowell clones.

A critic has no limit,
but limited when you ask
them to try and to do it,
then they have a
barrage of excuses.

Some critics can
make you stronger,
other critics
make your day longer,
critics are the balance
to those who appreciate
give you honour.

Like fans,
critics like to listen,
but only looking
for the pessimism,
negativity is all
that is written,
majority are critics to others
because they have no
personal vision.

Critics are amongst
your peer group,
who point out the
floors in you,
never under your ceiling
but can seem
to paint you,
critics within
your workplace 
because you
don't share
the same view,
it's like they know
you know 
they're brown nosing,
wanna be number, 
but has to wipe
his bosses number two.

For a critic everyday
is a judgement day...
they believe they are god,
they we're taught how to
fish the internet,
their bait was hate
and artist were
at the end of the rod.

A critic can stick it,
i'll just stick up my fingers,
they point it all day,
it seems they always
have something to say,
to the trolls under
the comment session,
I hope your keyboard

Friday, 30 December 2016

In The Beggining There Was Three

In the beginning there was three,
in my middle it turned to nine,
we divide by three,
back to the original energy,
the source of my code
since 2003,
still in it together;

it's now 2017,
I have made no resolution,
but my main mission is to roll with
my brothers of revolution,
chaotic revolt,
no longer stuck in the mud,
it's our time,
to smash the state,
it's a 3 way rush.

I remember when we first met,
it was coming out of a car radio set,
a speech full of wisdom
I will never forget,
pure flowing amongst lost souls,
for west side of london,
it was mainly you two that rep.

Word love to Apex,
who traveled to the east,
came back with
more wisdom,
doubled the vision,
walked the mission,
doubled his steps,
like he has four feet;

I felt six feet deep,
until the day he
made me believe,
I the Morpheus,
him the Neo,
I can see his prophecy,
he will fulfil it
all will be how it's
meant to be.

Omeza gave me
a list of beats,
these gave me more reasons
to seek, hidden meanings,
emotional expressions,
this help me dig deep,
so I was far from six feet,
I had my own triangle,
we're the triforce,
the power and times three.

Apex was my
first collaboration,
Omeza inspired
my bars with his beat,
which unlocked
a hidden creation,
I guess we were destiny,
why I am close to my
destined destination.

We are three personalities,
who connect with multiple realities,
because we give the real
instead of sell people fantasies.

I loved watching you lot perform,
mosh creating, beats were blazing,
once apart of the crowd,
now on stage with you two,
such an honour to have such a crew,
you lot are one of the reasons why
most of my waking days feel amazing;

"Like the neighbourhood Spiderman"
Common ground,
Wu Tang Clan,
ask us our best rappers,
Jedi Mind Tricks,
Suns Of Man,
Hornets current best,
Ab Soul, Lupe and Nas,
they deliver dope words
by the gram,
it took me weeks to come
down from one hit,
I am an addicted fan;

I can be a fan
to others all day,
but it's time
to bring the heat
with my team,
like miami roster
of 2013,
the ultimate dream,
we live in a state,
who are not golden,
where we have to be warriors
like, Curry, Durant and Green.

I have always felt alone,
no more as these brothers
help me find a tone,
I became more out spoken,
I developed a built in gramophone,
waltzing with my words
with others outside of my local zone,
its because of them,
my creative skills have grown.

For years
I have question peers,
like what's the definition of sincere,
you two have gave me more answers than
questions, so I guess our connection is crystal clear.

You lot are first and last,
I would like to first thank you
on this last line,
I am thankful we met
in this life time,
we are the ultimate trinity,
the father, the son and the
holy spirits of virtuous rhymes.

Monday, 26 December 2016

Christmas... A Poetic Script

It's Christmas,
what's my spirit?
spiced rum,
I sail the 7 seas
with captain Morgan,
or is it seven sins?
na just one... glutton,
man how am I
going to work off
this belly button.

I write this on the eve,
can I finish it on the day,
my belly is boxed in from
my winters crave.

I am asked whats your
take on christmas,
Hope that everyone
gets their wishes.

A day for family,
but I have my own,
this memory without them
would be a altered reality
due to past memories
being young at home;

Sitting amongst my alternative
tends too drive me to insanity,
a black sheep in my herd,
I hardly got heard, thinking,
why santa never got at me,
na mum, I forgive,
you were not at an ideal salary.

I have good memories
of this season,
like my god parents
who cooked more
In one day,
a ray of flavours
then my mum could
do in four seasons,
Not to say she was plain,
She was a single mother,
Had no time to cook why
That day I could not wait,
I would have
not one, not two
but four plates
and some cake
and Guess what?
I would never
put on weight,
which was great.

The family table seems
a thing of the past,
it's in front of the T.V,
skipping channels,
skipping monopoly
time to catch up properly,
Arguing about the remote,
I want to argue about
who has the most property.

Video games with the younger brothers,
but they only play
football games,
shooting games...
they lames,
80s baby syndrome,
retro or the updated version,
but they don't want a change,
football or shooting,
I say
"shoot at the local football pitch
shoot at the local shooting range,
these days I talk to myself,
I find trying to talk
to others even if they are my brothers,
is now the normal strange.

I used to laugh at my uncle,
Asleep on the chair,
When I got older realised
why he would only cheers,
then turn into tears,
then turn into ranting,
then sleep
when it came to New Years,
and new years was
the same day for him,
if they only listened to his
drunken rambling.

New Years would be
a time to celebrate,
na not me...
I wait until my birthday,
I can't stand people who
make resolutions,
but have no will power,
causing cosmic confusions,
you a magician to your word,
as most of your words are illusions,
me I am a wordsmith creating word fusions.

As I come to an end,
I am thankful for mobile blogging,
as the toilet is my friend,
I may as well live their until
the seasons end,
I can't wipe and write,
I will stop
see you in a fresh start
please keep your promise
for the first three months,
new lessons learning
repeat the old semester.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Don't Take Offence, Word Nonsense

She likes men
who drive ferraris,
who new his car preference
matched the same speed
in the bedroom.

I knew a woman
whose boyfriend
had a mini,
she traded it for a limo
because the driver knew how
to party.

She had a man,
whose viper was like a dodge,
had great perks,
but in handling he seemed lost,
like missing
even experiencing a mis-lodge,
she needed something with age,
like a cadillac sudan,
ridden by a mob boss.

A woman told me she
had a man like a volvo,
had his logo on every vehicle,
high safety standard,
many wanted his deal,
she didn't care
if she was the 16th wheel.

Some women drive manual,
they love the gear stick,
others like the engine to vibrate,
push and go automatic.

They made love in a horse,
now has a baby carriage,
they brought a range rover
and got married,
got a dog named rover
who was black,
to match the
car in the garage.

She only liked to be
picked up in cars,
tinted up windows,
so no one can see her sins
she put up her nose
multiple holes,
you know,
the life of them high
class secret hoes;

Some men
live the fast life
like formula one,
when they have burned out
they check the cockpit,
a blow out even they cant fix,
they referred him to a clinic.

I knew a man who
lives a life of luxury,
to me he is a ford,
simple for the economy,
no H.P living,
most are renting Mercedes
acting like they ball,
women say
"a man who has a big
car is compensating for
something else that is small"
I hear that through conversation,
but who am i to judge,
man... I ride a skateboard...

I'm board,
inspired two days ago,
I should have finished it in
full throttle;

Subject is cars,
so thats going to be hard,
B.M.X and stunt pegs,
no B.M.W, my daughter holds
on to me, we both get wet,
but let me finish this poem,
this car has come to a red.