Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Amster... Damn What A Journey (dick and jane)

"Dick and jane,
We get things done together,
Keep each other balance,
Even if our account is whatever,
Rents paid, foods ready,
So let's go on a plane wherever,
As long as you by my side,
We ride around the earths pole,
Hand to hand, earths ball is made of tether,
my travel buddy, I can travel with you forever"

Me and madam,
Long walks and talks,
No need for a tram.

Amsterdam bikes,
damn bikes,
walking dodgems,
we help each other dodge them;

Its like one person can
roll a joint,
the other person on the bike,
crush it,
the third person can light,
they do this by dodging busses.

We done the tourist vibe,
We go out there this time
Walking like its our life.

This city is known for it's green,
instead of smoking it,
I walked the Vondel park scene,
such place can enhance ones dream;

Dream I did,
and so did she,
saw a life of a midwife,
her career is a world wide industry,
she had visions of living,
as there she would feel more free.

It's rare we get a date,
she always studies,
I always work,
this time with her,
let me know
how much she's worth.

My budget queen,
I wanted to drink,
She kept me sober,
A private party,
No hype night life,
I had Victoria,
New secrets I can't
Share within this write.

She shops until I strop,
I want to go,
I got what I got,
Seems once a woman starts,
they just don't stop.

In one shop,
Nothing but video games,
I get into geek mode,
Dare I over spend,
Man I just got paid;

But I only get one top,
The Last in stock,
The girl when she showed
It to me my mouth just dropped,
She made my month,
She had a good ear,
Great customer assistance,
We shared the same vision,
I hope too see you again
we can wear
the T-shirt in unison.

We eat out there
how We eat at home,
I was by a healthy district,
So Took my pick,
Never over indulge,
Just stick to the budget.

On the last day,
We walked a mini hill,
Sunset, Malibu,
All in all a nice view,
The type of ending you
Can only have with your true;

Love you made the holiday,
I went their to think,
Thanks to you I got a new play,
The game will start slow
Like a snail in a cheaters race,
But like the snail ima finish,
But at my own pace.

I walk to the same place
3 times, hoping to meet the individual
who made my last visit,
last day, last try,
In gods fate I get to see the guy,
we instantly smile, like we've known
each other for a while,
he's gets so generous,
he gave me
a big gift bag to get high,
so big I was on the plane before
I touched the sky.

In the end the Amsterdam
dick and jane missed their train,
But we stayed on track,
We Ordered a cab
made are Way back,
We face a new future,
We will meet there again,
This place helped
us bridge a gap.

Opposite Forever We Stick

He's my opposite.

I'm small,
he is tall.
but he use to give me piggy backs,
I felt a giant amongst the school.

In school,
I got straight F's,
he got straight A's,
but he would help me with
homework along the ways.

I am black,
he is white,
the light to my dark,
the dark to his light,
reflect off each other
like water to the moon,
yet he is a star at night.

I was born
in the summer,
the winter,
me july,
him december.

I was brought up in a single home,
he came from a family environment,
so substituted what I missed,
he became my brother
from another mother,
he looked out for me,
especially in school,
you could say he made me smarter.

where do we meet
in the middle?

He was on top set,
me at the bottom,
we would meet at break time
back in the form room.

We both were
top tier funny,
1st and 3rd of the year,
our laughter made people tear,
it made people cheer...
clap during assembly,
created a Mexican wave,
Influencing our peers.

I write
he writes,
he writes scripts for BBC
me life raps and poetry.

Our other middle ground,
we can eat forever
our waist stores the waste,
stay the same weight,
his height puts him in middle,
my height puts me in feather;

Like two birds of a feather,
him the dove,
me the Raven,
still sitting,
rapping at his door,
our friendship is here
forever, we celebrate
in memories of laughter,

"Opposite forever we stick,
earth is our middle ground,
I am glad I met you,
happy memories 
from the playground,
see you in the middle soon,
until then I will stay tune"

Friday, 25 November 2016

Health Debate... But Will You Change Your Plate?

Lets have a health debate...

I pull out some ginger,
eating it pure and raw,
this mother looked at me strange,
but I am an urban doctor,
it is you who needs discipline
and your habits need to change.

By your side you had a friend,
who was a lot above plus size,
I wanted to really really give her,
a piece of my ginger
a piece of advice like,
"Ginger suppresses hunger
helps you lose weight"
but such remark
would have ruined her day,
if I have to give info,
I would rather her be bitter towards me
not the diet I would put in place,
she looked the type to question
anyone under her weight;

Wait... I am a healthy skinny by DNA,
I can eat 3 full plates, 9 meals a day
and I would still look the same,
but I don't get that greedy,
I personally only eat one main plate,
snack on cashews, blueberries, a simple
vegetarian graze, no T.V dinner, reheat
yesterdays, I through out my microwave.

I do not judge health
by someones mass,
I have seen those
who look good on the outside,
but due to lack of health knowledge,
most peoples insides cry,
"No more food that's fried,
No more food
that is pump full of lies"
food is the bodies truth,
it's the taste that is the disguise;

M.S.G, most people order
because they are lazy,
don't want to build up
on their culinary,
their life insurance is in
the colonel's secret recipe,
it's no secret that it clogs your arteries,
or these days meat is full of mysteries,
you only become a body detective,
when something serious is detected
from your G.P,
like type 2 diabetes
coronary heart disease.

I am not a health freak,
nor do I condemn
those who eat meat,
I am the man who wants
to see your body indulge
in earthly treats,
lemon skin, avocado,
spirulina will cover most your needs.  

Funny the same mummy
stopped me, said,
"I had nausea"
googled for remedies,
and the top search?
you got it... GINGER...
a lost look no more,
she found information,
research made her the winner,
she should do that for breakfast
and even down to her dinner.

So let's have a health debate...

I recommend people fast
give their stomach a break,
stop treating your body like
a walking buffet,
it's not an all you can eat,
people have become walking gluttony,
never to know the meaning of being hungry,
still the organs play a sad melody;

"Feed us right now,
not just your stomach
your mouth,
in the end it all goes back out,
where is our input
to function your machine?
our favorite color is green,
stop your monounsaturated ways,
mono foods
feed us as a team,
because one day we may not
be able to play
stop working all together,
have an organ mutiny.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Generation Y? Let me question...

I am from 1985,
the generation Y
I have an X parent,
with X lovers,
because he did not
want a wife,
X and Y chromosomes
made me the man I am
today, let me say HI...

Y is kinda fly,
we have musicians that
challenge the X life,
the Z children are X factors,
manipulated by X contractors,
selling them dreams of lies,
Y they are the most sensitive,
the world is more competitive,
each "NO" leads close to suicide.

Y I feel privileged,
middle generation,
so we can distinguish,
the ones mistakes below
better it for the future kids.

People tend to ask
Y are we so cool?
Y are most rebels?
Y don't you want
to work in cubicles?
I don't know Y...
but Y would rather 
work for self,
than be lead in 
systematic circles,
X thinks we're spaced out,
but we trying to reach 
them stars like
Buzz Lightyear and Urkel.

I am happy to be part of
my generation, Y?
MTV sky, Nintendo 1985,
Interaction was live,
we played outside,
X had similar coding,
Z children remain in the building,
because of Y? The fear of parents,
which the silent generation have woven.

The Silent Generation thought
wars for the nation,
created secret services who
withhold information,
they are the secret behind war,
why most don't leave the door,
baby sat by the latest PlayStation;

Video Games...
Z was the trigger,
Generation Y pulled many of those,
to be the james bond winner,
X is on every joypad,
but not in their days,
a joystick and a one button hitter.

I cum from a generation where
we write whole words,
dis sentence is Z inspired,
B careful of da way U write,
cos U may nt get hyered...

None the less...

Z will be way ahead,
No doubt the future is theirs,
Y I will help them get through
these Y/X destroyed years,
We are no better
than our predecessors,
Most live out the same fears.

Y we are the echo boomers,
from our X mothers and fathers,
we echo the same parental Patterns,
Y we have so many X partners;

Y I do not want to copy,
I got one XX
I got one XY,
both generation Z,
they will continue my supply.

If X made Y
Y makes Z,
Z makes?

The equation that lies
for the next generations,
I can't wait to see,
I hope this poem I created
reaches the up and coming creations.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Poetic Politics

Trump Card,
more likely the chump card,
idiots only vote,
especially for a celebrity,
but even if he was not,
politics is nothing but a show.

Trump Card...
vote for me,
Ima Level X Charizard,
I would topple his towers,
with such powers,
take his money
build one where we can
all reach the stars,
just a political fantasy,
let me stick best to what I
think people like and shed
a form of reality.

U.S is under stress,
I do not know why they elect?
They need to be careful in these times,
as your leaders are looking
to put you on civil rest;

Martial Law...
Project Jade...
FEMA camp...
are now finished and made,
Texas, Florida
are just a few of the states
who have a prison full of coffins,
surrounded by barbed wire and barricades.

I did not follow the campaign,
I am from the U.K and I heard
British people complain,
it's not even their burden,
I was like stick to the complaints
about the rain,
you semi-privileged people,
"I feel sorry for America"
like you can relate to their pain,
our political system is no different,
I don't see the change;

Obama was that slogan,
peoples situation only got worse
just stayed the same.

Numerology perspective,
let me be a number detective,
the day he got his victory,
11-9 let me mirror this number,
11-9/9-11, numbers may be money to you,
but to a higher force numbers are a weapon,
they are playing with universal laws,
but I will not cover that aspect,
thought i would just give it a mention,
most only care about corporal fabrics,
not the universe,
2D is most peoples dimension.

Race perspective,
I will start with the black,
like any president before him
he will keep you last,
no political leader has and never
will ever have your back,
to my Muslim brothers,
most of the sectors are taken,
leaving a few,
but they will use ISIS as a reason
to take these turfs...
Egypt and Iraq,

For his own people,
bring out their hidden racism,
maybe K.K.K will come 
back to fashion,
not like I would want to see such,
but his audience were those 
who don't know much;

Natives are slaughtered
for a new way of order,
100 million killed,
on top the U.S build,
this land was built on genocide,
taking families lives,
dividing and wiping identity
of the local tribes,
the same thing your new elected
is doing, your country is built on lies.

Enough of the lessons,
there is nothing I can teach,
it's all in front of you,
you have selected your shepherd
he will deliver to his sheep,
votes have been counted,
they awake to a new leader,
but still remain asleep,
I got love for people,
from the western all
the way to the east,
so to close up...
and give the good their deserved

"Your vote brings
you a placebo that you count.
but they do not count your life,
just their money, their power
ways to keep you high,
trump tower has an extra floor
intends to reach the skies"

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Poetic Hurt... Please Know Your Worth

I am a victim to another
mans whims;

Not my father,
not my brother,
someone that I thought
was a lover.

Turned out that he was a fighter,
not the one in a cage, 
but a woman wrestler,
who puts women in submissions
to make them his slave.

He treats her,
then beats her,
but never wants to leave her,
she wants to run,
but has the key to her sneakers.

He would ask harsh,
"Make me tea"
she complies,
brings the cup,
with a sour face,
throws it on her clothes
saying "it's too sweet"
she's a champion wife,
but will never know because
of how much she has been defeated.

He is always over her phone,
putting it on loud speaker
making sure it's not a male patterned tone,
she once spoke to her father,
he assumed it was another,
for a month he had locked her in his home,
forcing her to do things,
her body did not condone,
every other day he would become a sadist
and break a different bone,
no doctor call, wolverine training,
she learned how to heal herself on her own.

Physical pain she became immune,
emotionally she was sick,
every time she was under his hand,
she prayed
"let this be the last hit,
so my life can end because
this is not the way I want to live"

He would demand,
she would give him his
wishes at his command,
rub my feet, if you don't
find it in your face,
and give you the physical meaning
of being beneath...

No... I want you to rise on top,
it's easier written and read,
I go to bed wishing my spirit
was next to you instead,
not this demon spawn from hell 
he puts in your world and head...

Fear is what he feeds off,
he likes the taste of tear drops,
he will drink them by the pint,
until you hit him with that glass so he stops.

It seems local authority
can only do so much,
you can put him in a cell,
but when he pleads
for the guilty fine
if you run...
will be angry
go on the hunt,
it's like the authority wait for
the worst case scenario
like finding the victim
by a riverfront;

A.B.H is a lower play,
they can't call G.B.H,
until there's a open wound,
not an open graze on her face,
so he can get a sentence drop,
even if he puts an organ out of place. 

I could only ask god,
"protect them, give them sense
they've been attacked so much,
can you give them some extra defense?"

I can put my hands together,
but the fate is truly in yours,
remember you
hold the key to life,
let no man trap you
behind the doors,
keeping you doing chores,
washing his draws,
cleaning your stains
off the floors,
if help is not given
from the above or earthly laws,
you take it into your hands made of swords.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Apply Appreciation

Apply Appreciation, 
appreciation answers all, 
add appreciation 
and act appreciation, 
appreciate big blessing 
as well as the 
significant small. 
Acting like you appreciate,
convince yourself you want help,
when given... come back with the
same problems, you're nothing
but a human replay;

I see you in slow motion,
living fast days,
claiming long term changes,
but get high off
temporary praises.

One will guide unconditionally
on the condition you better yourself,
you're getting fed wisdom
take a bite,
because true words hold health.

Moments you will plead
for someone to listen,
they give you their time,
but you waste it,
so timeout, man up...
big men aint got time
for tantrums and all that
excuse making,
which comes with a side of bitching.

Come with higher gratitude, 
aint anybody gonna here 
your lower attitude, 
get high around me 
i'm going to take you 
to a higher altitude, 
when I'm buzzing 
I can get crude, 
appreciate the realness, 
because real can sound, 
but real is never rude.   

You bring big problems,
you're gonna get a realistic solution,
no fake opinions in my cypher
we're skipping all that confusion;

Appreciate my words,
although moments 
they sound harsh,
they're meant to get you ready
for tough times;
life is never that easy...
and if it is,
with easy come challenges
which become hard,
I speak close from the heart
I just wanna see you go far.

Don't push away the true,
and lean towards those who are fake,
those who seek fortune in your demise
and alter your belief and faith,
appreciate i'll always be there,
ima help you learn through each mistake.

Appreciate people who help,
because when they stop
and you start wandering,
there will be know one to steer
you on course and will be left
to walk a long and lonely trail.

you can show appreciation 
not only with words, 
it can be seen from your actions 
and your general application;
ingratitude is your ego... let it go... 
and embrace the power of