Thursday, 11 October 2018

Lions Lust Law

Before I walk
into your door,
I will knock,
but even if I get in,
you have to let me in,
we have to lock jaws
before I can get between
your draws.

What is I want?
you... but not the
whole you,
let me inside half way
before I say "I DO"

Not that I don't
not to say I won't,
you got me infatuated,
your body I want to take it,
re-arrange it around my fit,
if I can't endure longer than
a minute Ima make sure you
spray until I reload my clip.

You still got it
single mummy,
you are known as
a M.I.L.F,
call me your babe
as I suck from
the finest breast
that produced milk,
as I rub in between
your thighs,
how they feel like silk,
if he won't... I will make
you spill and help you heal.

We need not have a contract
like Dorian Grey,
let's make our lust colourful
like Austin Powers,
say something naughty
I will say "Oh Behave"
Tell me you're bee hive
will be sweet and it
will be shaved,
don't let it look like a
bear who came out of
hibernation from his cave.

I swapped lust for trust,
now I have lost trust...
I can never trust again,
trust takes years to build
lust just feels the same,
lust told me
"I will pleasure you
take away this pain"
I pulled up in a corner
with my car and took
her out of the rain,
after I was done I dropped
the rat back to her drain.

We can take it
slow or do it fast
as long as the affair
can last, unfair it's
only lust...
if it was based on trust
I would no doubt make
you my love.

I lust you...
I love you,
lust is a lie
love is true,
love is strong
lust is too,
in a world where
there's so much to view...
tell me... what to do?

You can be my mate
for life, eventually
you must be worthy
of a wife, if I want
more after you,
just no it never
felt wrong,
all was just not right,
I may not
love you forever,
but I will lust you
every other night.

Friday, 5 October 2018

Let's Kill Bill... Cosby That is...


You cannot buy
our station,
we would rather
keep black ignorance,
not black education.

Rape is the case,
but not in this
woman's case,
have you seen
her face, that night
she probably came to
him and he said
"come any closer
I will spray you
with this mace"

I know I know
yep.. yeah #MeToo
O.K we get it
yep yeah her too
I know I know
yep.. yeah you too
O.K everybody
me mister #MeToo.

This case has no sense,
there are many too sentence,
who have done what he's
allegedly done,
I assume their lawyers
can defend like
Antony Davis
Jerome Boateng,
if you're going to take
down one man take
down all of the men.

It seems that if it's a
black celebrity,
make it an instant felony,
if he's white go light,
keep them in the lime light,
put the black in a hole,
take away his sight so he
may never see the day of light
for the rest of his life;

He has not
got much left,
because the left wing
want him to be
sentence to death,
take away his legacy,
so all we remember
is he was a rapist
not the positive role model
he did project on
every black T.V set,
the university giving
elder who gave hope
to children to achieve
find a form of success.


How many religious
figures preach about hope
and lure vulnerable children
under their robe, 
the Priest, the Bishops
and even the Pope
have been accused,
but never brought to trial,
yet they want to kill bill
and give him the rope...

In the end
"their house of cards"
will fall,
it's a Jew-Diciary
not a Ja-Diciary,
the state is designed
for brothers to stare
at a prison wall,
square dance
in a cell with a mate,
square off and brawl
in the mess hall,
they run the state
these same men's
ancestors have always
made us beg on
our knees
crawl being cruel.

He got 3-10 years
no probation,
no house arrest
straight to incarceration,
who should be tried next?
I suggest the man who runs
the American nation,
all the actors, directors,
send the all to

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Sensuous Strophe

I want you as much
as I show,
for it is you I think
of before I lay may
head on the pillow;

Dreams of you
become wet,
it seems I can't
wait for you in
reality... I want
you too be my mate
but without the cheque,
it's easy to pay for...
wait... back to you...

I want a place
in your chest
my hands on
the east and west
of each breast,
your lips at north,
your hand down south
as you slowly caress.

Your smell alone...
triggers my pheromone,
makes my body moan,
you smell so sexy
I want you
as my cologne. 

Let me be the pole
and you the dancer,
swing all around
me as you get my
pole harder.

Oh you're so hot
it's hard to play it cool,
I got the stick,
do you mind if I pot
my black ball...
in your centre pocket,
lust we have built,
let's bang the bed like
a drum on the hotel wall.

I can replay many
na... lets role play,
I don't Fuck with
the police,
but I would you
if you wore them clothes,
but your attire
in the end
would be like
those retro toy trolls.

You are so far,
but I keep you
close in my mind,
you're body is the clock,
I just want my time.

When we meet
we need not speak,
your groans only
increase my heat
as well the speed
of my hearts beat...
I need to slow down
these thoughts
before I release...
your beauty brings
out my beast.

When I get a 
taste between
your waist,
I know I see myself
in no other place,
except waking up
to you the next day
with the sun shining
on your face.

Saturday, 8 September 2018

I Salute Your Birth... My Poetic Worth

Happy birthday,
to an O.G neighbour,
I don't know your age,
but let me speak on my
perspective of you,
as you know me
as a word player.

I heard about you
before I met you,
but what I hear
is still confirmed
to this day,
you still remain true.

Hometown... London
he hates the truncheon...
a protector of 
the elderly,
a very helpful son,
Give an example?
he help my
girlfriends mum;

4 flights HI,
he helped lift,
said welcome

The communal bee,
he keeps him self busy,
pollinates those
who need a leaf
will share
a cup of tea,
with a conversation
to match...
he can take you
out of your misery;

Misery he never brang,
Paul Sheldon
would have another story
if he ended
up in his hand;

He would have
had his feet,
no hobbling...
cycling from
west to east.

Grew up on respect,
a giving heart,
days he can take less...
but will give you more
if he can...
he is not that
type of dREDd;

he does not,
Yes he can trust...
he has no time
for hate...
he only looks
for peace and love...

One Love like
Bob Marley said,
Happy Birthday,
may your day be bless,
a poetic cake,
make a wish...
and I wish you the best.

Friday, 7 September 2018

Write To Let Go... (Word Web)

Aim for your goals,
stop shooting heroine,
Geek man...
working and winning
will get you you're women.

Yesterday I gave
you a bone,
today when we meet,
you ask me for meat...
what did you offer
me to eat?

Act like you're fly
but you're still
full of shit,
buzz off...
I have no time
for garbage.

I want to hold on,
but you let go,
told me let's build,
yet you broke me as
easy as Lego.

You told me
I talk too much,
but I listened until
your mouth shut,
you were finished but
when I started to open
you started to close up.

Don't talk about
your man and how
he's Hench,
but when it comes
to the children
he tends to plays bench;

Allow speaking
about your girl,
you told me in between
her legs feels like heaven,
but she brings you hell.

Why do you tend to repeat?
I assume it is because you
never change your days,
it seems DEJA VU
you prefer to seek.

Call me Gizmo,
stay cute forever,
I tend not to eat
after midnight,
you're greedy
become ugly...
let me call you stripe.

I may be skinny,
but you are very lazy,
I can see it in your
body who is not pregnant
but looks like you're
having a baby;

Skinny I am,
but skinny people
can be lazy like ham,
pig out... but don't
get about...
your fast metabolism
is nothing but a sham,
no endurance,
no strength...
just a walking scam.

where did I even begin?
who cares this is odd...
of this pitchy poem.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Nike, Hype... Go Ahead and Tick Your Life...

Burn Nike???
but when you earn,
you buy them
and run to get them
with your life.

You burn your Nike's,
assuming you know
those who make it
hardly earn money,
these people are
on their knees,
you burn them because
a man will not kneel
for his country?

how many understand
a value of a tree?
how many climb on one
before it's cut down on
a large scale industry?

Nike is brought for fun,
if they went to court,
you would treat them like a nun,
innocent but they are as guilty
as a paedophile who molested
another parents son...

Or daughter...
slavery is part of their order,
you still order...
I care less for a company
who only stands for a baller,
the issue is bigger...
the people who make it are
those who are smaller...

Tick to most,
and an X to I,
I C most wear
it but not out,
just a collection
to add because
of adverts that say
Who cares really?
most will sell their
soul to wear the sole...
to get that sale
on a whole,
wear the product
at their funeral
until they're buried
in a hole.

"Nike the goddess of
victory, strength and speed,
slow down...
it's just another
corporation who succeed
in your greed,
the material system is what
most tend to feed...
fashion follow is
what most do,
how many are
born to lead"

I care less for the trainer,
only a few train in the trainer,
or they get the train,
waiting for someone
to give them pleasure,
not knowing how many
children went through pain...

2016 for a
quarter back
on a team,
they've been
burning children's
fingers since
I was a teen. 

Burn what your earn,
Nike is as corrupt as
Eddie Hearn,
only box when he
tic the fight,
but you been
wearing Nike
all your life;

Regardless of children's death,
or the rate of their check,
tell me are you going 
to fill the GAP...
what are you going
to do NEXT? 

Monday, 3 September 2018

Amsterdam With My Young Clam

Amsterdam I am back,
but with a 22 year old
ready to smoke;

I will take him to the
green light district,
not the red light,
leave that for the lust
seekers who live at the
brothel day and at night.

A hotel,
3rd floor,
3rd month,
3rd born on the
3rd day,
so free I will let him be
but not too much,
mum don't want him out
too late, I say I will take care
of him and keep him
walking straight.

My room number was
344, 11 in doubles,
singles down to 2,
2 was the bus on my
journey which
took me to the central
of the city view.

Day one,
coffee shop,
then hotel drop,
day two,
meet a younger
it's his birthday
I light a candle,
which is green
and comes in a
flavour which taste
like a berry that's blue;

Day three,
hotel was on the plan,
but rain alterd such,
let's stay local,
take a mini walk and get
some dinner,
I see a roti king,
it's veggie by culture,
today I am the winner.

On that same day,
we stayed local,
people were leaving,
the pass on their holiday
left overs, many tourist,
many many smokers;

as a traveler leaves
a package in the smoking
hut, more green gold,
I though I saw a leprechaun
with a jade crown,
riding a white elephant,
in his hand was a lady bug.

Day four,
I take him back to town,
give him one last round,
tell him lift up high now
before you reach
London ground,
but before that...
I give my book to a
coffee and book shop,
a personal poetic drop
I am now at the airport,
drinking it down,
see you again Amsterdam
A.K.A my euro fun stop.