Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Love It Has Been Tough

I am alone at night,
I hear whistling frogs,
wishing I was next to
my lady leaping logs.

I've been away
for two weeks,
I miss your cheeks,
your ears,
your lips oh so sweet.

Yes we may not
be perfect,
your love is worth it,
I realise compared
to you, most women
have bottomless
personalities that
churn my stomachs pit.

I am a sun sign,
you a moon,
let us eclipse
and be one like
a bride and a groom.

I want us to last,
pass the past,
the future roots
for our love to be
infinite and hopes
I make you a Green
like a grass.

I am only
more of a man
with you by my side,
I would be a boy
without you,
trying to take girls
on a ride,
but I know its
your tunnel I want to
guide my torch
give you light
until the days bright.

I recall just kissing
you all day,
I wanted to go,
but your tongue
made me stay,
no words,
we would kiss until
we would hear birds
whistle, as our lips
are still at play.

I am a lucky man...
dare i take a chance?
get snake eyes,
then poisoned by
that woman's glance;

She may be
able to charm
other snakes with
her hypnotic dance,
my snake only wants
to be held in your palms.

Let these frogs
put me to sleep,
you are my last thought
so you I will dream
as I embed you
in my thoughts deep.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Blue Wouldn't Have A Clue

You are my teachers,
my fellow sons
I was merely giving you
lessons with love,
not academic
curriculum orders.

I was Peter Pan
had my lost boys,
as we wrestled and laughed,
most our days,
through hand sumo
stories that taught
wise ways.

We would skateboard,
make up games,
practice handstands,
create targets
and hit the aims.

You lot reassured me
of my passion,
we could never sit down,
we were a group of action,
lazy teachers hated such,
tell us to keep calm
and quiet,
we say "follow us"
like the latest fashion.

Story time was
the best time,
In fact they help me improve,
my freestyle and rhymes,
now when I grab a mic
I come up with
all sorts of lines.

You were my caffeine
without the coffee,
soon as I heard you lot
shout my name,
awakened a childlike spirit
within my body.

Conversation is not dull
adult grey,
children of many nationalities
so it's a rainbow language,
I learn new words,
you know S'il vous plaĆ®t
meaning please in French,
manors in all languages
to show them the way.

In a world where
most wake up 
to war and hate,
I enter a sanctuary
where all I hear is
"I Love you"
like Dizzie Rascal,
together were little rascals;

With runny noses,
but too old to drawl,
we have a club
house and invited are all,
boys, girls and no doubt
"me" Mr Cool,
why is this?
because they know
I go against the
norm and rules.

it was sunny
in the building
regardless of the weather,
as soon as
we got together,
we would make our fun
last forever.

You made me a hero,
one that you deserved,
but not the one
you need right now,
I am your dark night,
the one to make
your dawns bright,
but I must now disappear
into the shadows...
but know one thing...
your in my heart for life.

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Deranged Dad Daughter Dedication

No… No… No…
You have reached
double digits,
1 and 0… go back to zero…
months... please little lady
can I push you back
up mummies…

Whole world you are to me,
my daughter, my princess,
you are my energy,
you have humour…
no jokes when you
get a boyfriend,
I fear that day in play…

I am proud of
the girl you are,
you have an intention
to go far,
and you will…
because you have
a big heart
you inspire my art;

I wrote a bar,
Promotion time:
Track Title –
Lyric –
You’re the cocoon
to daddies heart,
you send butterflies
to my stomach
may we never part.

You have beauty
like your mum,
why oh why…
now men will be
at your shoe
like chewing gum,
you better scrape
if their scrap,
most men are scum
and tend to leave
women emotionally numb.

When you have
your first kiss,
please do not tell,
or his tongue will
be cut and redirected
in the mail…
so he can reattach
warn any male
this daughter is not
for fantasy, a Liam Nelson
type of film that
does not end well.

Please don’t grow
like the children
from the Simpsons show
then my life would
be yellow mellow,
your brother can be Bart,
if I get another Maggie,
like Homer
I will be like DOH,
if I had the dough,
I would go to your Marge
and bake her cake,
heat up her oven
just watch her glow.

I love you is
too simple to say,
I love you… YES,
so please when You buy
a mansion,
make me a shelter
in the garden
call it the hornets nest;

If I ever see a man
break your heart
I am going to sting
him in the chest,
if you really love that man,
you will give him
your life’s breath,
in my head,
I probably want
to suffocate him instead
as I reminisce your first step;

damn it’s your birthday…
happy birthday…
I wrote this as you’re
asleep in your grandmas bed,
you got a big day ahead
my little blossom tree
dream and rest.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Woman Work... Working With Women

I am but a man
who works with women,
I am but a sperm in
a nursery full of ovaries.

Ask about my
feminine side?
so intuitive I put
a feminist aside,
words so emotionally etching,
sketching pictures
as I take her on a sandy ride,
erase and reset;

at work I am beach time,
Bacardi and lime,
if your unsure you will be
sure when you hit my line.

PMS cycle,
I know when they can't
ride the bike,
I am just that nice guy,
who listens,
why women confide.

I don't pretend,
I respond at a time
rate better than their mate,
he is prime but I
have to hear the time,
let us go peak to peak
because when you get home
he's on the recline
on a decline.

Women like to chat,
I purr not for their pussy,
I'm not that type of cat,
I'm a Leo with quick reflexes,
as soon as they
throw a sentence,
I throw it right back,
I automatically react.

I am no threat,
at my best I
past the lust test,
I never interfere
if the woman's
got a child
has a mate in check;

Don't check me,
check your friend
who is more likely
an enemy, checking on
your spouse, wait until you
leave your house,
you pull out, he goes
in the house,
in between her,
you get back
she's ready round three.

We both know,
hornet ain't no threat,
your girls your girl,
I ain't trying to
break your set,
I keep it clean,
don't let jealousy
make a mess,
yes I am a hornet
I need not take honey
from your nest,
I got a syrup sap
who is so sweet
and her loves so
sticky, it sticks to
my heart, she is the
treasure to my chest;

Davy Jones and Calipso,
she got my soul,
when I get back from
a day of hell with women
I don't know,
when I get too,
I am glad I got mine,
we fine like silk 
in a web the spider wove.

I never want a man to see
me pouncing on his girl,
I am but a temporary rock
to kick it with...
but recognise you
are her world.

Monday, 28 May 2018

Listen Up

I am the one that will listen,
I hear your potential
lack of vision,
I drive my attention
as you steer your words
into collision.

Speak you may,
but make sure your words
are not for play,
unless your a wordsmith,
if not... my ears become stone
if your words are clay.

I can speak more
than I listen,
but I listen when you speak,
you tend to only say words
that make you weak,
I give you a strong solution
then you say the same
problem the following week.

Not to say you
can't speak your pain,
but to repeat it
again and again,
means you clearly
don't listen and do
not want to change,
a waste of my time,
I want it back like
DR Strange.

Ears the size of a mouse,
my listening is fly like dumbo
when he leapt off the house,
I am a fly listener
just ask my spouse.

Listening is a skill,
it takes will...
not to cut someone off
and express what you feel.

Listen up,
listen not to hate,
listen to love,
listen to someones cry
then give them a hug.

Don't talk to be heard,
talk about your betterment
not only about your worst,
you talk and guess what
I will listen first.

I talk,
you talk,
let's listen to each other,
don't hog the mic,
why battle for word,
let's piece them
live at peace
like a monk on
a mountain curve.

I hear all...
it took me years,
but I have the ears,
big listening with ears
that are small.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Knife Life Will Never Make it Right

Knife Life,
there’s no need
for a fist fight,
I take it out
and stick you
whether it be
day or night,
thank you mum
for bringing me
in the world,
but I got to leave it,
I got to drop a body
because I can’t drop my pride.

It’s so hard
being young,
If I don’t die
by the knife
Then I’m going
to die by the gun,
taking out
be taken out
by someone else’s son.

In truth I am alone,
where I live
there is no job zone,
most of us do not
have a home,
we live in the streets,
we don’t kick rocks
but sell rocks,
our life expectancy
is unknown.


You are young,
You have time to
find your intention.

To the privilege
my life’s nothing
but a movie,
they sit at home
watching the same
old news,
would they help?
if they really
knew me?

Police don’t protect,
If I snitch
that’s my neck,
I got to prove
it to my set,
I won’t be part
of the gang,
he’ll call me small fry,
I’m a big fish
I’ll prove I can
bring him net.

The Knife does not
better your life,
you cut someone else,
you end up in a cell
in a living hell,
home becomes jail,
because the choice
you made was not of
your own story,
just another street tail;

should have lead,
been a head
in your decisions,
not let an older man
send you on
street missions,
you do the crime
and the time,
he’s got the bread
so many more pigeons…

Stool… stay in school,
forget the detention hall,
I’ve been there with friends…
that I thought was cool,
now they are in and out of prison,
they fell… so please don’t you fall,
rise to your future…
don’t cut your life small.

Le “Wise With Words” Hornet

This poem was Inspired by
 the Documentary by
Jermain Jenus
as well as the constant increase
for awareness
for a future generation
left in a state of unfairness.