Thursday, 2 May 2019

Hard To Be Alone (Cry Of A Single Mother)

There’s pressure on the mother,
there’s pressure on the son,
there’s pressure on the daughter,
because the magazine makes
her feel less than none.

There’s pressure on the T.V
because the son wants to live like that,
the daughter eats less and less,
because She’s pressured
to believe she’s fat.

The mother is constantly
pressured at work,
her children are never home,
she cooks for a family of three,
but she’s always eating alone.

The son eats take away
because he dose not no health, 
the daughter is weight watching
at this moment not caring
how her stomach felt.

After take away,
he takes a stroll way away,
when he looked back,
he was far from home,
He’s rolling carefree not realising
he’s trapped in another gangs zones…

He hears a group of boys
but he’s oblivious
In his head phones,
they take it as insult
and end up throwing stones.

He turns around,
looks on the ground,
In his eyes was red… 
“YOLO” was his battle chant
ran toward them then BANG BANG...
his heart turned inside his chest;

In a different location
not to far from home
 his little sister is getting caress,
by his  boys who wanted
more than chips and fries,
but an extra side of his sisters breast.

“Life dose not seem right
at this moment”
is what he whimpered before
he took his last breath;

Mother is oblivious
to what is happening to her children
so she just hit’s the bed,
as she falls asleep,
simultaneously her son closes his eyes
is in the presence of death.

"She tries, no one too tend to her
and her children's cries,
she weeps... not because she is weak...
is because she was a true woman
surrounded by men who told lies"

Sunday, 21 April 2019

Happy Birth... Dane (21/4)

Centre Back,
And Blueberries,
No milk before the game,
we don't want a team of
Unsettled bellies.

Water for sweat replacement,
run forward on attack,
by nature you're a defender
so you will get back.

Your position
requires intuition
and vision,
you are at they other end,
if they get close
make the right decision,
learn from the striker
Don't stop and get a red
for collision.

Defending is no easy job,
one lazy player can double
your work ethic,
make you look unfit,
it's a team game,
Don't blame me,
we made him
score a hat-trick.

I will celebrate,
when we get great,
run up and down the pitch,
whilst you run to the pub
and order a crate,
let me re cap the game,
dream, meditate until
my next play.

I practice in the house,
how to explain...
football is my foundation,
all corners of my life;

"Mum I promise
when I make it
I will help you
with redecorating,
England is struggling
And I am the new generation"

Football is life,
defend do not
attack your wife,
green means peace,
but not when
it's a derby war,
I'm from west London,
watch Chelsea
but QPR is on my door.

Cesar Azpilicueta mentality,
pitch coverage, passing,
never under pressure,
Player check
pass to the pitches measure,
set sail with your mates,
Get the trophy
add it to your treasure.

You got the teams back,
the main star
is always fronting,
forget his glory...
like Cafu you will shine
if you just keep running,
let the forward shoot,
you just keep hunting.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Communicate Find Our Fate

Communicating with a female,
let us have a conversation,
something that can take us to
a higher destination,
maybe we will find we have
more in common and we may
bring each other elevation.

I like to talk, but on a walk,
if we sit for too long...
we both may get bored,
how about you ride with me
take photos whilst I skateboard,
I rap, you sing, let's make a record.

When we talk, don't make it about
I... meaning you, make it about us,
then our love can be true.

True lovers listen,
so they can build a future vision,
I dare not ignore you,
I want to hear and help
you build your mission.

I can be your poetic therapist,
if you've had a bad day,
write me a check list...
I will check and rebuttal
with a poem to soothe you,
my payment... a kiss.

Let me speak to... not at...
speaking at may put you off track,
if I speak to you, may turn you on
and we can do the love act.

We can speak through
a game of chess,
my eyes may gaze
if you're playing in a tight vest,
but that's my eyes doing the
talking... check mate...
you won due to my gawking.

Speaking is healing,
words can alter feelings,
so I will be weary of what
I say... only speak
words with meanings.

Let us communicate...
may our conversation go to space,
if I sound alien...
I will learn to translate and relay
and together our words race. 

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Food Fun Fanatic

I greet…
“Let us meet at in a place
where they serve no meat”
and “Is there a salad bar?”

She responds… “Salad no… bar yes…”
Man it is hard being a veg,
I don’t know what to eat?

Tofu? Soy is bad so it is said,
but what do you think the livestock
in the farms are fed?

I am told I am a malnourished man,
but I got nuts, seeds
and replacement foods in my plan…

I am no sit down couch potato,
I am a jumping soybean
who can do a handstand.

My health has multiplied since
I stopped eating things that died,
green beans and asparagus
are now my French fries;

I still fancy French fries,
but not make it a part of my daily life,
plus I get more kitchen time with the wife.

Two chopping boards,
slice by slice, I mean side by side,
Knife by knife, we have jokes,
It’s not always the onion watering my eyes;

Laughter makes the preparation
more light, the heat goes from the kitchen
to the bedroom… a dessert very late night.

Freestyle is the way we cook,
sometimes we will take it from a book,
acting out master chef, I be like…

“Terrible, this is not your best”
but the meal is all over my napkin,
somehow even reached my vest.

In the end
the kitchen becomes my best friend,
waiting for rice,
the units become my weight bench;

Never sitting the bench as I get dense…
now be healthy my readers,
digest a hornet sentence.

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Word Play MEDIA-ocre Style

Today's story
a Black Gangster
was shot, as the police assumed
he had a gun, he was known
to be part of a gang, red bandanna,
red top... wait we got an update,
it was white, the bullets changed
the colour, but it was a white cop.

Today's story
a Mentally Disturbed
Caucasian, stabbed and Asian,
loudly saying: "One less immigrant,
no more immigration" he got apprehended,
then let go, because his view was
shared with fellow officers
in that counties station.

Today's story
Muslim Terrorist
was arrested for looking at a lady,
she felt threatened by his facial hair,
intimidate by his stair and said he
was talking crazy, she thought he had
a sword saying:
"I thought he would behead me"

Today's story
Loan Gunman
went into a crowded area
and started shooting random targets,
he got a leg shot by a cop,
got sent to a psyche ward,
declared insane and beat the murder charges.

Today's story a
man wearing a jumper
saying Isis was taken
away by local police to be interrogated
about his connection, claiming the picture
was and Egyptian goddess,
he is still at the station until his story
has some validation.

Today's story a
Suspect who was
a proud of being a red neck,
shot all his co-workers and to his boss he said:
"I saved you some money, higher more
of our brothers, or next time I am
coming American History X"
no charges filed, his cop cousin helped
him escape, no man hunt as know one was dead.

Today's story a
Black Muslim Terrorist 
was in a shootout with an alleged
White Supremacist,
it was said he was chanting "white power"
and other races can suck his...
the police shielded him, shooting at the opposite.

"The Media choose selected words
when the person is of the same face,
if their brown they put them down
with words that conspire hate,
tomorrow will never change if
we don''t change our narrative today"

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Valentine From Hornets Abyss

Oh my sweet valentine,
today I would Love to be yours,
then tomorrow I am going to
message some of my special whores,
I will say and give what I have to today,
too slide up in your Victorian Secret drawers.

Today you are the centre of attention,
next few weeks you're back to having less affection,
Love is not one day... but a daily intention...
even god's love is hard...
he may punish you now on earth,
so later you make it to heaven.

a holiday with no true meaning,
it's true meaning is so demeaning,
I will not bother explain,
just research instead of day dreaming...

dreaming about what is ideal for you...
and only you, never to reciprocate
on how another may be feeling,
bringing more pain to the word Love,
because you still need personal healing.

I Love to show Love,
Love is an action, not just a phrase,
you love me now, then the next minute you hate,
then you say you love me again,
then tell me to go away... tell me I'm a dog...
but I think your understanding of Love
is what has gone a stray.

You say he's the perfect one,
you forget he was a fatherless son,
so when his love is limited,
instead of being nurturing, you tell him leave...
you call yourself a mum?

She was a fatherless daughter,
her mother had multiple partners,
not because she's promiscuous,
is that most men did not have the answers;

Most men still don't...
they know she's someones daughter
running to the pimp saying: "My usual order"

Chaos... I want to Love women,
but once you do, all becomes loss,
friendship becomes lost,
so let me just be your friend,
if we argue, like orange it can be squashed...
modern day relationship... someone is always
trying to manipulate or be the boss.

I feel like the Grinch of valentines day,
as I am in two minds,
I vouch for love... but not in the same way
as that word tends to be used more for play...

Don't play with that word,
especially to a Poet... one thing for sure is...
if your love is real... THEY WILL KNOW IT...

Monday, 11 February 2019

Noob Hornet (Dark Hornet) Can You See My Light?

Can you see my light?
I am willing to make the sacrifice
like the dark knight, make sure your day
does not stay dark before the dawn,
I will be your eyes in the dark,
so tomorrow your children's future can be bright,
the truth you dare not say,
let me be what you deny...

Get out of my face, why you say???
1. You never show your real face,
2. You only respond when you have no place...
3. You seem lost in T.V stars,
why you will never own your own space.

Current thought, I have none,
you are made of electricity,
but you act like a vampire...
you suck energy from others
because you are no one.

I see people... but people don't see me,
I guess I will wait for when they say R.I.P....

Death has a funny way of showing its true colours,
it seems people only mean more
when they are no longer among us,
why didn't you acknowledge their knowledge?
is it because you were to busy rating others;

Rate the man with no plan,
Rate the woman with a tan,
Rate those who destroy your thoughts
guide you in destroying earths land...

I cant...
I will not take back what I have said,
these are the present thoughts in my head,
you hide what you truly feel...
why you shall never have Gods respect,
you say you hate the devil...
but when you express,
his fork is what's in the road of your mind,
God is Right in the Middle,
but you still take lucifers Left...

Then call me a head case... crazy... insane...
but it is you who is afraid to change as I set
the chain reaction for change...

Do not take this for anger...
I am highly observant, if you are offended...
clearly my words got you bended...

I keep it straight like a heterosexual,
No homo... phobic...
It seems abnormal in this day
and age if you have a kid...
abortion rate is getting higher too,
women sleeping with men
who act PUSSY and only think with their DICK...
don't take offence... if you did...
clearly you are the systems BITCH;

Mr nice Guy... OH how you would never know,
if you did, you would not judge this...
but appreciate that I am honest...
you won't let me be Neo...
because you clearly follow the philosophy
and are a carbon copy of agent Smith...
I hope to see you in the real world...
slaves to this government coded matrix...