Wednesday, 23 April 2008

2 birds and a man...

So I'm outside having tea with my class;

their age range is between one and two
so the conversation is basic,
like what we can see;

"I see a plane"

"Hello plane" the children say together,

as if it can hear them, children are so
greeting to the strangest things,

but not people because
"we never talk to strangers"

I feel like Mr kimble in kinder garden cop.

Anyways the children go back inside.

I'm outside cleaning no ones around...
so i pick up a bike and put it in the shed; as
I'm about to leave the shed i see a crow,

i jump out of the shed with a scream,
I guess it sensed my fear,
because it looks at me as if I'm a worm.

It then makes a noise a second one comes;
there communicating in they're language,

I stand their trying to work it out, while making
assumptions like they may peck my eyes out or
do a 1 by 1 formation attack... na thats too far fetched.

so before that could happen...

I did what any real man would do in this situation...

I lock myself in the shed for 10mins until the older lot come out to play.


  1. hahahaha you've been watching to much Alfred Hitchcock

  2. Your experience reminds me of the countless one's me & you have had with them mad burly queen bee's that look to bang our skin! You know I'm the first to duck. This story is timeless, can't wait for more yeahyeahh

  3. Hahahahaha! Mind blowing poetry. Totally elated.
    Have a nice time. :)

  4. Well Le Hornet......
    You would not see a woman being scared of a crow........
    If it was a spider -- that would be different -- but not a crow!! (LOL) ;-)

  5. Man your whole style has changed since i was last on here - Tims right about the Bukowski influence, nice simple descriptions altho you have a much more positive view of the world! The way you write about kids is special man. I really think you have found your voice with the last two posts. This is you. Only criticism is b careful with your spelling (plane not plain)