Tuesday, 22 April 2008

3yr old, his father and the bus...

Riding on the bus with my son,

he says "lets go up stairs"
so we go up the stairs, he goes
right to the back straight for the window seat;

something about that window seat only a child
can appreciate, Now as an adult the only time I
use that for sleeping.

So I say "these seats are dirty" my son responds
"no the seats are purple".

like any good father I left him to the window,
whiles I was thinking about my new skateboard
and what im going to have for lunch;

I recommended pizza but my so said "I don’t like pizza"
I said what do you want "chicken, chips"
I explained to
him I cant have chicken, so he suggested tuna.

After talking about lunch I began to gaze out the window
he asked "what are you looking at
" I replied in a cocky way "them people... they're not at work"

he replied "why aren't you at work"

I looked up and went back dreaming of my skateboard.


  1. At times the youngs are much forward than the adults. And what to say about the purity of their heart.

    Nice post.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Have a nice time. :)

  2. I agree with what Sunil said.

    I really love this poem, it's very simple and mundane, but they are qualities that I love and look for in peoples work. Though I think mundane is best severed with other qualities to balance it, in this case it's Kye’s funny innocent’s comments.

    It’s reminds me of Bukowski work, descriptive scenario’s. lovely

  3. I don’t know why many kids are wished for chicken! Reality exist in your poem.