Saturday, 19 April 2008

Comfort zone….

How many say I love you but truly mean it?

I mean you may have given your heart,
But no one can read your mind;

Those curious self-thoughts like,
Are they the one?
I feel comfortable...
I can’t do any better...
I’ll make it work....

But all these feelings build up 
provoke your thought process,
This dose not happen once,
it’s a continuum spiral of glutton,
You always want more than what you have.
You won’t say it but you feel it…
“You can show love, but hide your lust”


  1. Wow you really are a thinker!
    and very true words......

    "How many say I love you but truly mean it?"
    anyone can say these words but truly meaning it IS a different issue......
    thank you for visiting my blog, I will also add your site as a link!

  2. I know of people like this, they're generally the dudes who do or end up being cheaters. That little bit of doubt can fuck people up.

    But doubt is a natural emotion, we doubt because only one thing is a 100% certain in this world, everything else we base on knowledge and feelings.

    That doubt can lead some of us to the dark side, look what happened to Anakin Skywalker :)

    i'm still up for checking out that open mic night, if your on it? havent been able to make tusedays because of life drawing, i need to slap bare life drawing in my portfolio for my application to the princes drawing school, but i've done that now, so it'd be cool to check it out.

    let me know

    p.s amber must be ready to pop soon, whens the due date?

  3. Yo L.Roy, I'm a fan of your natural ability to speak the truth, even though the truth is a lie without lieing. I could slap you on a Jeremy Kyle style lie detector test and I bet my skateboard on it that you would come out telling the truth. What I'm trying to say is that you are the TRUTH. Human nature has been conditioned to "want what they can't have" and personally this is what I decipther through this masterful piece.