Wednesday, 30 April 2008

First Love



Subject: Whats up

yeah man what a cool six weeks holiday, i haven't heard from you for a while,
hows university man. hit me back


(email sent 9/11/07 13:41pm)

(1 month later)


Assuming you didn't get
my email, must be busy, anyways you down
for the cinema this Friday let me know.

(message delivered)

(2 months after that)

(speed dial No 3... ring... ring... "welcome to our voice mail
leave a message")

"oh he's got a girlfriend now, i should have known, all this
time i was worried he didn't reply back he's pu%$y whipped now"

"dude you forgot to hang up"



  1. fiction or non fiction?

    did you really leave a measage to someone like that?

  2. Oh dear Oh dear Oh dear.......
    See once a woman gets hold of a guy
    he will never escape (LOL).....;>


    Many a man have fallen victim to the 'WHIPPING' of the 'PUS-P' but 'it's a sad, sad situation' (Elton John) when it happens to be your close pal that gets PUSSY SLAPPED...SLAPPED BY THE PUSSY. Blud you killed it with this creative story, can't wait for the next.

  4. Hi there,
    That was sad as well as humorous too.
    There's a maxim amongst guys that a person tends to forget his friend once he is into some relationship. :D

    Nice one friend.-as usual.

    Have a nice time. :)