Tuesday, 29 April 2008

I can drive...

"Mum i pass my driving test"

"When did you take the test"


"You learned tor drive in one day"


"Show me"

"I will"

Then i picked up the steering wheel and resumed Mario kart wii.
she laughed and joined in.

I guess the wii brought me and my mum a bit closer... it's not a hug
but it's something.


  1. hahahahaha

    good man, very good i love these simple micro stories!

    it seem we are moving further away from natural expression...we need to come up with a game where you virually hug people :) instead of running them over with stolen cars and battering old grannies with baseball bats

    i should slap a new one off you playing playstation, or maybe you with your wii. but your only gonna hate that one in a couple of years when i get better.

  2. LOL Mr Hornet,
    We are never to old to need our mum's, even if it is whilst you'r playing Mario Cart ;¬)

  3. i meant "virtually" :)

    typos...i htae thme

  4. This is super fuckin cool Leon, fun yet very affective and rich in feeling. Love it