Sunday, 27 April 2008


For all the people chasing money,
once you get it, it's got you.

Although man makes money,
money makes men.

A man is not happy until he gets it all.

you see money dose not rule the world,
it rules your world.

This is not how man is suppose to live,
but chooses to live.

Mans choice is based on greed,
once consumed by greed,
then have you become lost.

Money makes you weak;
so you can get shit you don't need.

"you don't need money... they want you to need money"


  1. Mr Hornet!! Long time man - i really hope you and family are well.

    This poem is great - it really got me. Keep writing man, this is good stuff that gets the mind thinking.

    Take care, a_p.

  2. Money Money Money.......... £££$$$

    But Mr Hornet, I will hold my hands up and admit I do like a little bit of spending, but show me a woman that doesn't (LOL) ;¬)

  3. Here, here.

    i second that. Though i would like to say that i'd like to have a bit more than what i have now, i'm one broke joke at the moment.

    I’ve got this big ass box of shraps that i need to take to the bank this week. i'm not going to that coin star thing in sainsburys anymore, remember the last time i went there? (i was with you weren't i?) it made so much noise, and everyone at the checkouts were clocking us hahahaha :)

    i don’t won’t to worry about making loads of money, i just don’t want to worry about not having money.
    i don't feel that righteous being broke :)

    man you're clocking up more than a couple of poems a month here man! good stuff!

    whens the new little hornet due? must be soon.

    hope alls well dude