Saturday, 19 April 2008

Rich and Poor

Rich and poor the first thing that comes to mind is value of money 
but if you put rich and poor in value of oneself, 
where dose our value lie?

How many of us give our true spirit instead of a false nature? 

How many of us truly understand what we want if all we do is take?

How many of us assume before we get the facts?

How many of us defend ourselves before we have been attacked?

How many of us can see but choose to act blind?

How many of us talk freely yet stay trapped in our words?

"The value of oneself... priceless"


  1. Le Hornet,

    "How many of us can see but choose to act blind?"

    Unfortunately in our world when people can not understand certain situations or things, they CHOOSE not to see by turning a blind eye, as its easier for them to evade the situation!

  2. Yo Nappy - I think this is one of the best things you've written. I like how you've kept the style simple - it helps the reader to focus on the content. These are bold, thought provoking questions.

    "How many of us defend ourselves before we have been attacked?"

    This is true on many levels, especially with global politics. I think the sad irony of wars are that they emerge out of people trying to defend/protect themselves.

    Anyway keep it up man. By the way,Im in London next weekend so if you're about I'll try n pass through.

  3. First I’d like to say I’m glad your back blogging your poems. I think it's a positive move, not only for yourself but for those who will read your poems because they are truly thought provoking.

    And secondly, I’d like to say that this is a strong peace of writing and thought. I think the best pieces of work are the ones where you can relate to them, they become personal, and hold body due to relevant experiences.

    I must admit that I’m guilty of doing one of those on two separate occasions last week. I even recognised it after the first time I did it but I still repeated the mistake two days later. But I feel like I learn a lot last week, and reading this poem has refreshed that lesson.