Monday, 5 May 2008


can i be honest?

i guess not because when i am
you call it a lie.

it's not a lie... it's your truth.

your truth is hidden behind more lies
and like a tree... they branch.

no matter how many people say "i tell it like it is"
they're the true liars, they edit it their truth and
it's as bad as an independent film with a budget.

In most cases lying is an easier getaway from reality,
The more you lie, you live the lie.

as they say "honesty is the best policy"
but when you want to be honest, it gets thrown back in your face;

so you sit back and think what was
the point in being honest...

when all they want to hear is a lie to keep
them happy.

"p.s this was a both male and female insight on honesty
so i asked miss hornet to help me"



  1. Its getting harder to define the truth these days man, most people are great actors. I think MissHornets' input is vital to counter balance this view of this unmoral way of living. Lieing sucks, espicailly when your lieing to yourself. Bugh!

  2. Yes Mr Hornet it is always best to have a womans point of view (obviously)(LOL);)
    Hasn't Mrs Hornet ever told you.......
    She is ALWAYS right.....;D (LOL)

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Doesn't it drive you up the wall when people say,
    "Tell me the truth I wont be offended"
    You then tell them the truth and BOOM..........have a guess what...
    They're offended!!!! :-)

  3. Arrrhh the truth. Being honest has so many different levels. People can be very selective about what there honest about. i think honesty is something were confronted with every single day that we live. It is one of our greatest challenges and something we are constantly measure via, by others.

    I think being honest to one’s self is probably the most challenging, though i think a lot of people are completely oblivious to that concept, and other may just find it hard to keep themselves in constant check.

    i love the quote “so you sit back and think what was
    The point in being honest...”

    Many times I’ve felt like that. Some people are just happy being ignorant to certain facts.

    great stuff man! whens miss hornet due?

  4. Good evening Mr Hornet.....
    Re your comment on my blog....

    You can comment at my blog as often as you like so long as I get my 5th * (star).... :-) (LOL)
    and you say that you don't tell Mrs Hornet that she is RIGHT....
    Well Mr Hornet she probably does not need to be told as us women know we are ALWAYS right ;-D (LOL)

  5. AnonymousMay 15, 2008

    you really stung people on this one hornet. i like how you droped the ending part espeacially but word from a wise guy once said 'sometimes you need to be fake to progress in this fake world' in certain environments in believe