Saturday, 17 May 2008

My work

I work in a place where
  • looking good matters.
  • instead of reading gossip, i hear it throughout my day.
  • where logic is not a concept, because it's balanced with being unreasonable.
  • where people talk behind each others back, whiles i watch their backs ;-)
  • where enemies are friends, friends are enemies, yet they can still laugh with each other.
  • where the language barrier is separated by a hormonal in-balance.
They say "you cant live with them and you cant live without them"
Working with women i can say has been both a gift and a curse...



    Like you I'm always in the company of loose talk when I'm at school. The honey moon period of like a day quickly fades and reality slaps you in the face with a rolled up issue of Heat magazine. I really feel what your saying here man, I'm gonna blubber in a real masculine way now...Peacee!

  2. Oh Mr Hornet, what are you trying to say....
    that us women have an occasional (please take note of the word occasional) hormone imbalance?
    AGHHHHH AGHHHHH AGHHHHH, (I am now screaming, shouting, oh and don't forget crying, though I have no idea why I am)...hormone imbalance...I HAVE NEVER EVER SUFFERED FROM A HORMONE IMBALANCE..
    DO YOU HEAR ME(I am still screaming like a mad women)...I said...I HAVE NEVER EVER SUFFERED FROM A HORMONE IMBALANCE (I'M still screaming)...
    Its ok now Mr Hornet I have had some chocolate so now feel a bit better...but this is nothing I repeat nothing to do with a hormone imbalance (LOL) :-D

    And as for gossiping, I have no idea why you are under this impression.......But.. did you hear about the girl down the road? and did you hear about that guy? your never believe what happened...well I will tell you ....gossip gossip gossip..
    (LOL ;-D

  3. Good evening Mr Hornet...
    Just popped over to see if you have any more posts about..........
    Women and hormones...though I still insist us women NEVER EVER have hormone imbalances....
    Mr Hornet I am sure if you ask Mrs Hornet she will tell you the same as I do, AAAGGGHHH..WE DO NOT HAVE HORMONE IMBALANCES(lol) ;-D

    Hope that you have had a good weekend :)

  4. Whats up Mr Hornet, you said your not going to post for a while, something to do with feed back!!!
    what do you mean????

    Come on now tell Stacey all about it...........
    Oh gosh I am starting to sound like a therapist(LOL) ;-D

    Seriously, why though?
    Send me an email if you prefer to reply that way, the address is on my profile... :-)

  5. Welcome back Mr Hornet...
    You are back blogging now aren't you??????
    I'm presuming your back, as I just seen your comment on my post......

    You had better be I want my fifth * star....and I want my fifth * star NOWWWWWWWWWWWWW...................
    see what you have done, you have got me shouting, which is a thing I never do, like I have told you before...women NEVER shout... (LOL)

    Glad to see you back, hope your ok!!!

  6. welcome to my world. i watch them use and abuse others until they run out of people to corrupt.. then they turn the abuse on to them selfs. all ways. leon i love u.

  7. Come on now Mr Hornet,
    You have had a long enough holiday away from blogging...
    I know that it takes men a lot longer to get there brains thinking but I feel that one year is long enough for you to think of a post (LOL);D

    Plus I still am waiting for my 5th star * :)
    Thanks for still stopping by my blog and leaving me comments its really appriciated, hope to see you back blogging soon.
    Take care

  8. full of crap

  9. stacey do love this guy go home find a new guy to fancy