Sunday, 11 May 2008

Thought From 06

For every person living life as it is,
Will always live in the world of today,

Seeing that we are not promised tomorrow!

To move to the world of tomorrow is truth
And denying societies forms of manipulation.

OK we say we live in the world of tomorrow,
Because the future is said to be tomorrow.

What I mean by future is technology.

Now technology is the only thing moving forward,
which then leads our perception to move backwards.

So seeing that we can’t separate our wants from our needs,
Tending to make our needs our wants;

We are going not living a life of truth and independence,
But a life of lie and control.

As for our Children it will be like an echo repeating it self in their future.

“Stop feeding fuel to their fire, because its you who gets burned”


  1. Exactly! As technology moves forward it gives the impression that mankind is moving in the same direction when in fact mankind depends on technology and becomes unable to think for technology does that for them aswell! So mankind will always remain enslaved by their own creation bughh

  2. Good evening Mr Hornet....
    Well what I wanted to say on this matter is.........

    Everything is in a constant state of change, the only thing unchanging is change....Now Mr Hornet do you get my point???.....
    If you do, THANK GOODNESS because I don't...(LOL)

    But manipulation I do understand as a I think the word should be changed to
    WO-MANipulation, as you know how women can manipulate men..with just a batter of an eyelash, ask Mrs Hornet if I am right (LOL)... :-D

  3. AnonymousMay 15, 2008

    that was an ill poem man, ican't even say which part i liked the best because it was all real. mmm... but define real for me??? (matrix)
    keep the poetry up
    lol man


  4. bull crap