Monday, 29 March 2010



Do we choose to act right or 
do wrong intentions,

How do we divide what right and wrong 
is without understanding?

For we can’t see morals through 
the society we live in.

Because the basic morals depend 
on the system in the society.

Morals don’t even exist because 
of the way society’s perceived.

How we going to ever witness what’s wrong, 
when the judge says what’s right?

“Society morals can be broke, 
true morals need to be found”


  1. People justify their actions through their circumstances. I like what you are saying here.

    And I especially like that you are posting stuff again. What's next? Im hungry.

  2. Hey Hornet;

    Like many of your posts, this is another thought provoking subject you have touched on.

    Morals do seem to play less and less a part in the world, as engineered by the so called "elite" and their think tanks - shame on them.

    We must think deep within our conscience; there we surely will know "right" from "wrong"; we mustn't let an external force make the decisions for us.

    Good to see you back man.

  3. Only Allah (God) the one, the only creator, the most merciful, can truely pass judgement on you and us on our morals and actions. A man is mearly a man, and for a man to pass judgement on another man's good and evil deeds is in effect playing God aka Judges. For every good most come evil, as the two can't exist without each other to explain 'morals' and 'immorals'. A man's 'morals' in a parallel universe is considered another man's 'immorals'. Thats why good (morals) and evil (immorals) have to exist to test us in this life so come judgement day Allah/God has the final say on where you spend your eternity. (I suggest you re-read what I've just wrote if you don't get it first time as what I'm about to say might really confuse you.)

    BUT. Ultimately it's upto Allah's/God's discretion as you will see bre's being let through the velvet ropes you would have sworn your willy on would have been destined for hell fire such as, an example, on the top of my head, one punch Bungy, but Allah is called the most merciful as like Stampy mentioned circumstances, Allah considers your circumstances and your journey even if they consist of 'immorals'. The TRUE and only judge.

    p.s. One punch Bungle was a immoral suggestion and I take it back haha!

    Also your picture with the stencil of poetry behind you is ILL! I agree with you on that statement, unless your going to Chicken Cottage for lunch bughu! Welcome back bro.