Wednesday, 19 January 2011

free style poetry for MR "Anonymous"

you're only a man behind a screen,
trying to create a nightmare; because
you ain't lived your dream.

A man you're age should look to inspire,
Why leave pointless comments
until the day you retire?

It's bad enough you never leave your name,
you call yourself a man
but hide in shame.

what makes it worst I know who you are,
even without your bad grammar;
you only go so far.

Stop attacking new age art,
We're shining new light
whilst you grow old in the dark.

convince me you were once wise
you have nothing to show,
hide behind your messages but trust me I know.

(For the man who only comes to hate
because he has nothing to offer himself)


  1. Yo! Sorry to hear there's hate floating around your blog.

    I don't think you should justify yourself for this guy, or pass any judgement on him.

    they've already passed judgement on himself.
    they're 'Anonymous'
    they've got no personality or anything to define them selves by. they are nothing by there own admission. hahahaha I can't think of any worse way for someone to describe them self

  2. Sup Hornet;

    Don't let this Mr. Anonymous (or anyone come to that) get to you (easy for me to say I know...). We can all weed out the lies from the lines when reading comments, it can be seen by anyone that really wants to take it in.

    I'm sure you have a good heart and are just trying to find your way in this universe through your poetry et al on your blog; good luck on your journey man.

    Allow the haters, they're just wasting their life away; dont let them eat your time up as well.

    Peace to you.

  3. Thanks A.P aka P.A, no one shall stop my flow, for I am water and these sharks shall drown in my words... (Theme music) bzzzzzz

  4. Well done, I enjoyed it! I'm glad you appreciate Amber so much and can express it in poetry! Amber's very special and i can see you know that from what you have written!