Wednesday, 16 February 2011

real-ation-ship (from a hornet point of view)

I am Aladdin and I have found my Jasmine.

She is not attracted to my dress sense
but my common sense.

You see, most women frown amongst street rats
yet they smile for the lab rats a.k.a
fake sweet boys and purse holders.

It's only when a woman can see the truth
in a man, she can stop lying to herself.

It takes a real man to show pure truth
and not water it down through egotistical desires,
which only then you only expose your weakness.

Weak women only look for men, who can turn their
mind into money and his heart fits in the palm
of her hand.

A true woman finds a true man riding
on a wooden wrath;
to prove his worth of great family man,
he will turn that wooden wrath into an arc.

For I am only a strong man because my
woman will let me be,
So forever and ever shall we sail the seven seas.

"It starts off as a relationship,
through years of commitment becomes
a realize-ation-ship"

(for my lady who cares none for valentines day,
a holiday which has no relevance to real love just temporary)


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