Sunday, 27 February 2011

Words from the angel of thought (not for the skeptic)

"This ain't my home for I do not
adopt this life style I adapt to it."

I care less for there material
for I indulge in my spiritual,
this place has no time for do
gooders, just those who create evil.

I have no connection with this
broken line, satellite communication
interferes with my mind.

Stop telling me to be thankful
In this "circle of lie"
how can you see my efforts, when
you as a person dose not try.

A race who shows so much potential
but finds it hard to live essential.

Most of them like to pretend, they
attack their heart, their ego
they would rather defend.

Weak race... if I could swear to god
I'd say he put me in the wrong "FUCKING" place.


(I don't claim to be an angel, but what else can I call
myself when walking among demons? p.s that dose not count
for all humans, for I have met a few angels in my immediate form)

1 comment:

  1. If us 'do gooders' are angels then I believe this land is filled with angels - it's just hard to see them when our vision is clouded by demons...
    Clarity is an amazing thing...
    When you achieve clarity of vision in this disguised society you see angels shining bright everywhere you look...
    The question is how hard are you looking and how clear is your vision???