Friday, 25 March 2011

Letter To My other Mind

I'm trying to be the best in the world
that I've been put in.

Friends who offer unconditional help,
who really care less, unless in
a real emergency.

Trying to hold on to a girl
who's already let go of life.

Offer people a piece of heaven,
but they would rather live in hell.

I tend to smile through the
pain of others.

I know I don't love, But I find
it hard to show hate.

How many are really thankful to live,
But remain deaf toward their fellow being?

Do you really listen?

I show you raw emotion, it's up to
you to polish with a convinced lie.

I remain true to my soul,
which talks to my heart,
which draws a picture to my mind.

This is my true elevation from the soul
upwards, I dare no deescalate from the
mind downwards.

"If the soul is clear, the heart remains pure,
If the mind is distorted, then the heart
becomes poison"

(An aNgRY HOrNet)

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