Sunday, 6 March 2011

Drunken letter to self... (D.P.S)

Even when we're free we remain trapped...

I walk out of a job to walk into another
how is that freedom?

Does life offer me much choices?
even if it does, I still ask the same questions.

What am I complaining about? I have everything
I need here on earth.
yet i still ask for more...

I complicate things out of desire
it's me that makes life hard;
What makes it worse, i have those
around me that help make it easy.

How many times must I chase that
cheese and fool for the same trap.

every material item I have is an
extension of my ego, I have nothing
to offer, that is why i buy.

I stay with one woman,
is that out of comfort or love?

Or am i just trapped in lust?

When lusting for women
is it because I can't
find happiness in one?

The more partners I have the more
I lose myself;
one woman one problem
two women a million problems.

"Victory belongs to the last man standing"

That saying dose not apply to me right now...

So ima have a lye down
at least maybe in that I will find some truth.


("Don't think to drink... But Drink to think")

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