Thursday, 17 March 2011

Freestyle thoughts.

I show my expression
why do most hide in depression?

Is it right to fight a man
with pure light,

Claim to see it all but you
still lack insight.

You better remain true for
others to respect you,

Only then shall they cherish
and protect you.

Don't be scared of others it only
means that you show fear to yourself,

Only with a clear mind may you be
able to flow with spiritual health.

I've had so many days,
yes it felt natural;

Some were calm like the see,
others crash hard on rocks like the
bottom of a water fall.

Wake up everyday with a intention,
put your heart to the test and
your mind in detention.

So hard to explain an emotion that
resembles raw truth,

Never act like you know it all
ask questions like a youth.

"If I am given life, than the best thing
is to offer"

(Inspired by stairwell angels)

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