Monday, 21 March 2011

See me.... but drown in you (Freestyle)

your perception tends to be
a misconception...

You shall truly never know me...
to judge me means you don't honor

Are you clear in who I am?
Are you clear in where you are?

To judge one on what you see is the
same as being blind to yourself.

My actions are the opposite of
my intention.

My intention is to show you action,
yet you poke at me for satisfaction.

5ft high is what you see in my physical,
2.5 ft high is what you show in your spiritual.

For I am what you need to be
so ignore what you think you see.

I know you cant see me... why?
because you drown in you...

(Fake ass judgmental fucks, with false intention
and still test my character because you failed
your own.)

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