Thursday, 31 March 2011

See me, See you (Freestyle)

When you look at me show no fear
my brother, for you are only
afraid of yourself...

So you want to rob the man who
reflects the same tone as you.

In the day light you will be caught
but in the dark you shall find yourself.

I am the man who reflects your pain
you are a man that reflects their truth.

We are scared to live amongst each other
You have no right to call me brother,

Hell you treat me like the enemy
you can't tell me that you're real
when you just pretend to be;

How can I turn my back when I was
sent to thee.

You should consider respect for those
who show you patience,

I'm hear to guide you through your
roots the tree is very ancient.

No no don't assume that I am crazy
my work shows your lack of efforts
seeing that you remain lazy.

I do what you feel,
you do what you think,

We were sent on the same boat
but on this land why do we sink?

It's not so hard to deny the elders truth
they water it down,
hence the confused youth.

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