Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Self persona PT2 (freestyle)

Now i see fear in the eyes of those
who look in the mirror.

They seek the truth but can only find
a lie.

Even though you want to act in truth,
the stage you're on only perceives
the minds eye.

What you see is what you get,
is the real way to live,
ladies who offer make up obviously
have nothing much to give.

Man ain't any better, for he only
psyches the ego, preparing himself
for the world like a T.V Show.

The mirror you look in, is now a symbol
of vanity, for if you look deep in your
soul, it will only show your insanity.

Why must you try so hard to create a
false reality.

The heart cares less on how you look,
but how you feel about yourself,
you can hide you in the physical world
but the mirror can see your stealth.

If you want to see your outer truth
just look in your inner self.

Mirror mirror on a wall, the more vanity
rises, the more humanity will fall.

"Mirrors are only friends to
those who are enemies to themselves"

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