Monday, 14 March 2011

ssSsnaAAaaakeeeEEee (Freestyle)

You hold the expectation to fool
others, yet cannot see that
you only trick yourself.

I here your hisses
in the HI tone of your voice.

Although you don't bite me when
you say you want,

you still have the ability to poison
the environment I'm around.

People can't see your act, but I
know that you're at a low stage in your life.

I see you snake trying to strangle
the goodness out of people;

claiming to be pure heart but it's
full of evil.

offer the friends cider
with a hint of venom.

But you shall choke on your own apple soon.

I dare not drink from your glass
knowing your intention ain't clear.

No need to fear you, for I hold
eagle vision and remain above the

so forever and ever, you will only be
playing with rats.

you were made for the ground and shall
never have the ability to fly with
the highest.

"The worst thing is
when you're in front of a
snake and it doesn't bite."

(sick of fake smiling, loud raring, reptile fucks
there is only so long you can fool yourself, but when
you trip, you're gonna find it hard to get up.)

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