Sunday, 13 March 2011

To my Young'Stars

"I would rather see my children
see me fail at a million things,
than for them to see me succeed in one."

The older generation shows shame
for these youngstars;

You care less if they remained tamed,
seeing that you enjoy the circus you're in.

You have nothing to offer yourself, so you
can never give to the youth.

Where you're growing old, you remain
desperate to stay young.

But young ones I dare say, not to respect your
elders, for most remain sour toward
your sweet smiles.

Is it there fault they're broken?
yes... because most of them want to stay fixed;

fixed in a structured society, which they
can define their life and one day convince
you of their regrets.

Elders wisdom no longer comes from the tree
of knowledge, but from a four wall office
of ignorance;

This is where most live their nightmare,
so youngstars do not let them ruin your dreams.

(To all my students and youngstars,
who taught me the joy of life through their
smiles, for it's your unconditioned honesty that
that kept me going through my conditioned days.)


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