Thursday, 10 March 2011

"Yes" old school....

In truth I've shown you all that
I am...

Yet you still treat me as i have
nothing to show. you put me in the
light to disguise your ego.

Don't make me a problem to your
solution, when you're mind is
shuffled, it's me who sorts
out your confusion.

yes i think your wise,
in truth...
you act more lies,

I see through your anger,
I can reflect from the pain
In your eyes.

I respect you because your old,
you respect me because I'm bold;

How many heated discussions must
we have until it gets cold.

You want me to listen but
we only here your voice,

You want me to set sail but
sometimes you feel like an extra hoist.

But for ever I'll respect,
because forever I know you'll protect;

age is just a number, but we
all can't be correct.

I know that you judge me as a boy
who is still growing,
Even when your heart

In me it will always be going.

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