Friday, 1 April 2011

"Hornets Journal"

"Hornets Journal"

I see this picture and I reflect on the comforts of this society,
they pick up bullet shells, we pick up beer glasses,

We go out to shitty night clubs day to day dancing to
to terrible music, they go out day to day looking
for food and forced to listen to bullet shells.

We may not encourage our men to go to war, but
we are discouraged to tell our government to
tell them to come back.

We can't feel their pain, because we don't
think to care.

We remain ignorant in our stone houses, with
our T.V dinners, watching the news
remaining thankful.

We may play in the comfort of this western world.
This place will be punished one day for their
indulgence of their comforts.

Wait we already have... half the nation is fat.

"We fear the natural course of life,
but most are off track when they live"

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  1. Good poems, went through a few and great to meet you greet you and read you in blog world, thanks for visiting me, how did you see my blog???