Friday, 8 April 2011

Intentions VS Habbits

I come home from a good day with the
intention to smoke my spliff,

It's only when I excuse it's action,
that's when it becomes a habit.

My intention is to be with
one girl;

man there so many to choose.

My ego says "live like a king",
heart says "one day you will lose"

My intention is to come home from
a late night to help my mum,

It's a habit being so lazy,
it's so easy to be a bum.

It's the intention to show you my
life through a physical truth,

lying is my worst habit, carried
it since I was a youth.

A well deserved intention,
a drink in the local bar;

what an expensive habit and
I say I want a car.

How many times have I woke up
with the intention to quit my job,

It's a habit to ignore my dream,
knowing my life is being robbed.

Yes you see me with a drink but
the intention
is to celebrate happiness.

be more weary when I drink
my drink,
just to disguise my sadness.

Some like to call it bad
Others just call it bad

(Inspired by DJ Kurt Dan of
fort Knox connection. we be
learning from each other lets keep
the happy times rolling and work
toward them better days)

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