Saturday, 23 April 2011

Viva Le Hornet (Pt 1)

Yes I was in the land of Barcelona
where people take you in
regardless if you're a Lona.

you can sit on the strip,
make music

whilst drinking a corona.

Just being me made new friends,

although I was way out
I felt like I was in the ends.

people would except me regardless
of language barrier,

going against your comforts is what
makes a good traveler.

Seeing new people regardless
of lifestyle,

I was with someone for a day and
she had such a natural smile.

Met a brother during the mission
they called me a little him,

The language of music made it
easier for us to win,

he would play the tambourine, I
would rap in rhythm.

the place taught me a lot about

Like the value of love is a
powerful gesture
regardless of your wealth.

People like to keep it simple,
hardly complicate a matter,

the hardest thing when your on
someone elses stage
its hard to be an actor.

keeping it true is what will
get you by,

the holiday was a such a raw
trip, I loved the natural Hi,

See you on the next trip friends,
I cannot wait to fly.

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