Thursday, 5 May 2011

Men On Earth

Is Bin laden dead?
dose it even matter anymore...

We are at the Peak of culture testing,
Nokia V.S Ericsson
Blackberry V.S Iphone
Saddam Hussein or Bin laden

Do we really have a say in anything
when most are like "SO" to everything.

This is a Time of contemporary happiness,
A.K.A the illusion of true happiness.

Once we were a race with strong will and
were naturally born with HI senses;

Now induced by a select group of people via
consumerism and propaganda.

I care less for a world that they create,
seeing that I work in the world that I build,

Let us destroy what these men have given us,
and not indulge in what we can take from them.

We are weak as individuals, we all need help,
and we need to help each other.

I remain thankful for where I am, but shall
never except the current state of earth.

Earth is one big body and most of us
are her cancer.

Eventually she is going to spew the poison
out down the toilet to hell and keep the
healers in her temple,

To create the heaven she once was.

So enjoy exploiting you're mother
but there will be the day when
you have to answer to the father.

"We only remain selfish out of desire,
care for each other will only take us higher."

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