Thursday, 26 May 2011

Rain (Freestyle)

Hello rain...

Why do people try and hide from you?

shall I always appreciate the power
of your pour.
for you make me feel rich.

yes I like to walk in you, for your
water purifies me;
yet I walk with my Bacardi and that
water poisons me.

walking in you slows my thoughts down
although the sky cries
I remain happy, no need for a thrown.

people will complain about you why
do they want to hide?
I wish I had my skateboard because
in your storm I love to glide.

I feel free in the rain
it cools down the ego in a hot brain.

I see girls modeling in your shower,
yes you give them a new sense of power.

Wet T-shirt look is what you gave,
how many man I caught, I was one to gaze.

The rain should never bring you misery
the only thing that should be upset

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