Sunday, 15 May 2011

Talkin to the YOUth (original version)

My Younger Children

Live free,
Do not be lead by the ills of society.

Do not follow a big man who's blind
to his own history.

Teach yourself how to feel...

don't get caught up in the shackles
of thinking,
for the chains are hard to break,

don't become scared to make a mistake,

my teenagers if you feeling misunderstood
there are many ways to escape,

for the world is yours and it is you
who creates.

A better way of living,
you are forever earths children,

for if not for her, you wouldn't
even be breathing.

Big man roll up her grass, walk on
her, showing no feeling.

But don't follow what another man do
for what he do maybe deceiving.

He shows you life on the outside but
on the inside, trust me he is bleeding.

But I'm telling old man the youth you
better start believing.

(A random poem inspired by the energy of
Budz international, Hi energy from an elder
I deem worthy of truth, seeing he has shown
me nothing but that the day I met him)

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