Thursday, 16 June 2011

Hornet knows Love... bzzzzz

I'm Sorry for being the man
you need,
But yes I see you want more.

I have offered you my ultimate

how come you would rather indulge
in another mans lie.

Without you I shall remain strong
and you shall weep and the stream
of your tears will crumble
the foundation on your face,

for you were made up most of the time
I spent with you.

Was our love really that Vain?

I guess it was, because when looking
in the mirror of your soul, most days
it was broken.

I tried to fix it, but no amount of
compassion was ever good enough for you,

is it because you found attention through
despair and self loathing?

Although we do not remain lovers, shall I
always be your friend.

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