Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Moon keeps us together

Times hands mockingly laugh..
pushing you towards her and away from me,

But being with her,
I realize only with you I felt free

How I wish you could see
before our time is almost done,

We should have less arguments
and bring back the fun.

Shadows were casts,
voices whispered in your ear,

I look desperately for your light,
the dark is all and what I fear.

Shadows in your heart and clouds in your eyes
my soul has so much anger like the storm in
The skys.

So once again you let the whispers guide you
and not me...
But is it not your love that shall set me free?

how can you feel it with so much anger,
your truth out weighs it's pain
without you I will feel stranger.

but the shadows and anger have done their job
but trust me when I say
your love they cannot rob.

casting doubt forever more...
make me a stronger man and
I shall be forever yours.

(a back to back poem from
someone down under, but shall we
rise together.

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