Tuesday, 14 June 2011

My Pray

To the one who watches over me.

I ask you to forgive all wrong
you have seen me do.

May you not punish me in this life time,
seeing I redeem myself to you now
and admit it to you in this presence;

so I can be graced in your presence.

better my future and I apologize for my past.

For I am only human, but intend to act as
the angel you want me to be.

Many times have I been asked to eat the apple
off the tree.

But I remain strong knowing you guide me through
my days,

the only time you have no control is when I'm drunk
or full of blind rage.

I ask you for forgiveness in this time,
seeing my life is getting better,

and I don't want no more regrets.

For I shall speak to you in my next
weakest moment.

Peace to the sky.

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