Sunday, 19 June 2011

Rebel my youth.

My purpose...

justified through my actions,

does it start from a thought or
someone's actions.

Because what I think, another may do.

adults are in an age of inspiring what
they can't do;

So they rely on you... The youth.

As long as we get older we get frail in
body and thought.

My words are for the youth, they are whom I
look at to act upon what soon
I may not be able to do.

They say we learn something new everyday...
how can that be, when most live in a repetitive cycle
and are stuck in their mind.

I refuse to work in a society surrounded
by just talking adults, soon to
become non walking adults.

So my children let us rise like the sun
and burn these rules of society.

For me to get to my front, I need you'll
to have my back;

But I shall earn your trust in time,
see you lot in the next rhyme,
until then I ask one of you to break the school line.

"It takes 1 man to believe in your plan...
to have a 1000 means they want something
in their hand."

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