Sunday, 12 June 2011

To those it may concern

Oh yes... I have a good set of people
in my life,

from my team P.O.Z and chilling with
my wife.

Budz international, radical boulevard
It's all a natural HI,

people just do nothing trust me that
ain't a lie.

check out drawing inspiration the
story is nice,

consider my friends are the best
my older art remains wise.

I can guarantee I will see most
of my team within the sky's.

10mins with rago, in the studio
with blazing unit messing with a new flow,

We are all in the fast times, every achivement
should be celebrated slow.

I have many friends, my life remains bless
one love to my Spanish connects and D.P.S.

Can I say more?
of course I can,

My mind had the blueprint,
My heart wrote the plan.

(quick poem to my peoples whom believe
in my purpose, and shall we all rise together
because in these times we all we got and
let know one break this movement but let
all of us make it. peace)

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