Monday, 18 July 2011

Black and white

You dare ask me my name when you
don't know who you are...

Talk to me because you bored on your trail
But today Oh today is minus one black in Jail.

Is the reason you wanna touch me is because you cant
fuck your female?

You come in the power of three,
telling me you the law without a degree.

Judge me from your white book
if you only new I'm a black man doing poetry.

You're not even worth one line, hell
you don't even fight real crime.

You expect my respect out of fear,
I don't believe you really care.

did you judge me from my clothes
or judge me by my hair.

Does it really matter you ain't even real,
I can write a million things but may
you never know how I feel.

You only may judge me by the color
of my skin...

You may work for the queen, but forever
shall I remain king,

soon shall you know hornet and your mind
I shall sting...

"In a world fall of men who claim
no true power shall you feel ultimate
judgment on your final hour"

(Fake police who claim to be fighting
crime, yet have an excuse to bully, I'm
not the man you want but the one you need
to be. shhhhh kept you quiet so bzzzzzz off
next time you see us.)

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