Saturday, 9 July 2011

Just a shared thought

I found it hard to sleep last night
because my dream had come to life.

was it my persistence? maybe.

was it my time? I may never know.

But one thing is it made my mum happy

For she can now see the power of her

because all a mother wants to do
is know she has done a good job.

We may not have the best connection,

at one point I even asked
the highest power to give me rejection...

But now my purpose is making sense and
shall I not let this victory be in vain.

True efforts in life do not only drive from the
actions you put out,

but also from the thoughts
you hold;

Make sure your intentions balance out your dreams,
because if you don't,

your dreams becomes desires
and desires tends to turn into nightmares.

"To win in life sometimes you have to feel lost
when your lost you never know what you may find"

1 comment:

  1. hey man! I really love this one. love the end quote. You have to go to places you've not been to grow and learn new things. We can't repeat ours selves if we wanna move forward and grow.