Monday, 4 July 2011

Let us reach the sky.

Come and Join our circle...

Oh yes oh yes it is a lot of fun
it was a cipher of word bullets
we did not even mention a gun.

We took it from the street
to the club, club to the park,
we were the stars shining in the dark.

Energy so powerful we all rose with
the sun,
looking at that moment man that
was fun.

positive flow amongst distant brothers
everyone has the power to
influence others.

We were all at a point where this was
not seen as coincidence, not one
of us could find an indifference.

We all felt like the same people,
some from different backgrounds,
yes we were all equal.

The power of hate could not dare
break the vibe,

Love had beamed through us

(A quick poem shout out to my brothers
whom are all unique and have the power
to create the world we want, with this
in the air shall those around breathe
more easily. bzzzzzz)

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