Thursday, 25 August 2011

Don't pass me because I failed you

A sense of letting a teacher down
is like the being of god, letting
his god down.

For he's trying to better your mission
through his falls; only
so you can stay up in life.

If I would have took heed to his
lesson, he would not have looked at
me with such failure.

He sees the disgrace in my eyes and
I hear it through his tone.

I am willing to learn, He sees the power
in my heart, I see the weakness of my mind...
may you make that stronger.

Don't allow my arrogant nature to
flaw what you nurture.

His pushing me, may pull me out of
focus sometimes... I must learn to hold
my composure.

But I do have weaknesses teacher and
through your patience and guidance
Shall I transcend myself.

As a student I get a head of myself,
so in defense I assume he is holding
me back.

In truth he is getting me ready for the

(My apology to papa D)

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