Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Hornet Vs the Devil (7 Sin walkthrough)

"He comes to you in your desired sin,
when humans go to battle with the
beast it is he who tends to win"

He came to me last night in my dream
fast cars, beautiful women
I had no need to scream.

Lust and temptation was my test,
he tried to lure me in the state of rest.

Even when awake he walks amongst your side,
random stop and searches
are you trying to test my pride?

In this new paradigm where work is forced,
when one gets a day off,
Instead of tending to his souls needs,
becomes a victim of sloth.

There be situations where he may take
everything you have,
make you feel you have nothing to lose
so you embark in wrath.

He may give everything you want
to your enemy,
so a do-gooder like your self becomes
a victim of envy.

Knowing you live in a world full of famine,
he puts the rich in a state of over-consumption
this test got failed because most people are glutton;

glutton is no different from greed
most would rather indulge in alcohol and weed
when below them in a gutter is a man in need.

The devil would rather keep you Hi,
remember he lost his wings
don't let him prevent you to fly...

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