Tuesday, 9 August 2011

"Hornets Journal" (Riot Times)

Dare I blame the youth?
What about the adults???

This society has now reached
it's balance.

Rich shops getting looted
by poor people.

The oppressor getting attacked
by the oppressed.

The old getting attacked
by the young.

This was inevitable, we taught
nothing to these youth,

Grown in a material society;
we flaunt what they can't have
and now they take what they want.

Can we really blame them?

A society, which was made by
thieves, it's only fair what
is happening to them.

London's Burning and the streets
are filled with youth on fire.

Adults live in fear..
Youth live in fear...

Together we're all scared.

shall we never win, for we
already lost when we gave
power to higher people...

So forever shall we feel low.

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