Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Poem from a young'star

No Pain.. No Gain...
Pick up The pace before u lose the game,
Is it too fast cos u cant seem 2 pass the broken glass
that you're walking on.

keep going on, Too much trouble and shit keeps building On! In your life, people fight, Right By your side, all the way through, till you turn around and when things are almost right, without a clue, all the shit goes back 2 you.

They leave you with nothing, and everything to lose. Call That Friendship, i call that bullshit, just find the ones that's always been true 2 you,
so then get back in track of life and do what you have 2 do.

Look at the time as it flies by the clock, just ticks and tocks, as every hello sooner or later ends with goodbye.

Build back your blocks and sustain your rooftop, build a door so you let your opportunities knock;

but be aware in case some mother****** comes in and makes it all drop,
Then Your back to the floor, don't give up!

They only do that to you because they want 2 be on the top! Fuck them because just be true to you, build back your blocks And Know who you are, Not Who You were..

Because Sooner Or later you'd Realize... you were that mother******!


  1. Aw Le This was one of my old one's. But its awesome to still be able to see it on your site, Thanks for that. But id love to send you some of my new stuff someday man

    1. All day young brother, your word has as much value on the world than you know. stay creative. bzzzz