Monday, 8 August 2011

Riot or Revolution

Most riot out of excuse,
but when one revolts it tends to be
fighting for justice and truth.

Riot has an effect on communities
revolution has effects on communities;

A revolutions effects are for long term
causes, where a riot is for short term

A revolution is ran by leaders
a riot is joined by followers.

A revolution is aggression out
of oppression and false depression.

A riot is aggression out of un-aimed
anger and un-justified actions.

A riot when some have suffered
will only die down, then those who
joined show there true colors of fear;

For they joined out of confusion and
temporary urge to act violent.

A revolution where some may suffer,
shall be a new beginning, where others
shall live;

For the fight is to change the future
to those who matter most...

"The children"

"Don't Riot for present affairs
Revolt for future change"

(I condone no violence, which only
destroys ones community and has no long term
effects but only gives more power to the
enemy, but I ask this of Tottenham rioters
you mash your streets up, yet you have not blown
or attacked any police station, one of the main
reasons why you started was to get at the police)

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