Friday, 21 October 2011

Talks from the angel realm.

"A place where most people say they're worthy of life,
they sure have a funny way of defining it.
They have become slaves to the items they've created,
but if only they new they have the same power as the one that created them..."

"How have these... Machines enslaved them?
there nothing but shiny metal and flashy screens."

"Machines are also attached to the law of material,
with this material, one can weave any disguise he pleases."

"So... will they ever show their true form?,
it seems they are happy as they are."

"But in times when material becomes scarce,
what will they turn to?"

"Their original form..."

"Some will have to bare a long road, to get to such form,
but the others...
The others are going to finally meet their beast within..."

A.O.T (Angel Of Thought a.k.a My higher self. Peace)

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