Sunday, 27 November 2011

young raising young

A message to you new age parents,
who argue about world views
without the intent to study

The mums who watch T.V,
which eventually makes their
daughter feel ugly.

Dad isn't any better, they
can't even raise their son,
video games and alcohol how
he gonna become number one;

Number one no way you keep holding
him back, why is that? is it because
you keep holding your back;

due to systematic stresses,
both parents are caught up in the act.

argue like it's a soap opera, idiots
better wash your brains, these new age
parents are 75% lames,

In front of their children showing all
their shames.

I care less for the old school because
its now a new world,

it's gonna be your responsibility
when your childrens children

All I ask of you is to look at the world
that you live in, because if you fail now,
it could be a catastrophe for your children.

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