Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Money burned, Money earned...

People in fear... times where money is
falling, but let me ask this... Can money
make you rise to the heavens?

In these times of recessions, The best thing
you can hold are your innate expressions;

For money is the start of the road, which
leads to bad intentions.

Money can be a tool to give, But most
would rather spend,

Friends become enemies and
enemies become friends.

Money invites Hate, power
and love all at the same time,

It protects liars, lawyers, mob bosses,
all sorts of crime.

Money don't talk, people just talk
about money,

Give me a lump some,
so I can feed a starving country...

"Money cannot rise to the heavens,
When most people already burn it"

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  1. hey man, i like this one man, it's very true.