Saturday, 31 December 2011

Distorted Relationships

To the one caught up in her new life,
created fantasy by living his hype.

Why must one talk about their pain,
but go back for pleasure stuck in his game.

Love one man but hate your people, there was a
time you were nice now you've become evil.

Once a girl with strong intentions,
now a woman with weak perceptions.

I see you are a man who is insecure,
corrupted mind with the power to lure:

She just another fish in earths pool,
power tripping fucker but trust me you will fall.

There was a time I thought you were nice,
had a cool heart, but now has turned to ice.

I once had your back, but you prefer to get
fucked in the front,
clean up your life, before it lays in the dump.

I see the truth like a drunken mans words,
if you feel trapped...
free yourself like the birds.

"See what you're getting yourself into
or stay blind to his ways."

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