Thursday, 1 December 2011

Hornet from a 3rd person

Life Has come to the cross roads,
where do I go?

Directions have become limited,
Guided by sat navs and phones
can I make a human decision now?

I find I watch the wrong stars,
trying to be them in my eyes...

Desperate to portray an image,
which someone else painted;

I dare not start again on a new
campus, am I afraid to create
a new image?

If life has taught me anything,
it is not to be myself,
but be someone else.

I don't think I understand true
freedom, If I leave this lifestyle
than I would really be trapped;

Well that's what I keep
telling myself, I dare not try
because I am too comfortable.

I sit behind a desk all day just
to think for a next man, so
convinced he is the answer to
my next plan...

"How can people see their future,
when blinded by another mans present"

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