Wednesday, 7 December 2011

open subjects for closed minds...

Dose one contradict intentionally?

Although most would reflect on what
they would want to be,
Under pressure from peers and workers
effects their psychology.

But why do others use the word to
break your character,
It's you who is out of body just
a post graduate amateur.

There are do-gooders who have the
intention to preach well,
Life has so many temptations so
most give up and fail;

It's a contradiction in making
thanks to free will.

I ask you church man why do you
call me a blasphemer?
Why can't a poor man live in your church,
to build a shelter would be the
same price as your beamer.

The word of god comes from your lips
with passion and half truth,
Words may churn the adults but you
cannot fall the youth.

I don't need to feel the spirit
through your false guidance,
He made me to be me out of his science.

I also want to address the individual
who always calls on conspiracy theory,
Who dare not look on the other side
and defend their desired reality.

You only trick yourself because you
enjoy the joke,
It won't be funny when the economy
goes broke.

Many questions you may never ask,
What will you do when these laws
come to pass.

What if the fear monger all came true,
would you know what to do,
Be ready to change the old and
replace it with a new you?

Stop defending the people who
create the mind you never question,
By using words they create only
limits your expression.

(New world, old ways tested with new minds)


  1. powerful, this poem addresses the smelly
    majority of ignorance. Fuck elders! peace

  2. Free our minds - Free ourselves - each one teach one - we all get FREE!!! PEACE LOVE & PEOPLE POWER!!!

  3. AnonymousJuly 13, 2012

    Piece Bombs here: good stuff man, your poetry is really good. i like the hip hop style it has, it's very trasferable to a rap.

    1. Power for that, I would have to work on a rhythm, but as you said can be done. peace