Friday, 23 December 2011

Power you lack?

The power people give to things...

A woman would give power to a mirror,
yet walk in her physical
still feeling inferior.

A man will give power to himself,
boast about material, knowing he's
poor in spiritual wealth.

We as people give power to other
people, who say what we think, but
never treat us equal.

What ever happen to giving power
back to the earth, she offers you
breath, but you ignore her worth;

Act like we have value in a place
we never made, power shifts between
the master and weak minded slave.

Power has always been in your reach,
why do your palms remains closed, "chicken"
pecking out another hand, walking the blind roads.

In this new time dare not think weak,
when your mind goes dark, it is the
heart that will lead;

Lead you to where?
I cannot answer such question,
but advise you to get rid of your fear.

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